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From experience we know that students do best when they enjoy their learning and follow their passions. Based on this we have developed our GCSE pathways to enable students to have free choice and study the subjects that are of most interest to them. We also recognise that we need a flexible curriculum that enables us to cater for students different needs; which we do through providing alternative courses and support in the form of  Blue pathways and college courses*

Our rationale for a having a three year GCSE is as follows:

  1. Enables us to keep a broader KS4 curriculum with students being able to choose four optional subjects
  2. Subjects have more time so they can cover topics in more depth
  3. More time reduces the amount of after school intervention and pressure on students and so reduces anxiety and stress
  4. Addresses ‘the wasted year’ as identified by Ofsted, students are more engaged in year 9, than they were previously
  5. Increases students enjoyment and so engagement and encourages lifelong learning

All students study English literature, English Language, Maths, Science, Cultural and religious studies and PE (non-examined).

On top of our core subjects we are fortunate to be able to provide a wide range of subjects for students to choose from for their pathways courses. Courses are designed to be relevant for students and to match their talents and interests. Students are supported in selecting their personal pathway including traditional academic and vocational courses (GCSEs, BTECs, VCerts, etc).

Students will choose four choices and one reserve choice from the options below:


GCSE History

GCSE Art Textiles

Health and Fitness L2 Certificate

GCSE Business Studies

Creative iMedia (Cambridge Nationals)

GCSE Child Development

Media studies (Cambridge Nationals)

GCSE Computer Science

GCSE Music


GCSE Product Design

GCSE Drama

GCSE Physical Education

GCSE Food and Nutrition

GCSE Sociology

GCSE French

GCSE Spanish

GCSE Geography


 The blocks for 2019-2020 are below - orange = full

Year 9

Block A

Block B

Block C

Block D

1Wed 3, Fri 6

1Fri 3,4

1Mon 4,5

1Tue 2,5

2Fri 4,6

2Fri 2,3

2Mon 4, 2Tue 3

2Wed 4,6





Business GCSE

Art GCSE (25)

Art GCSE (25)

Catering (20)


Catering (20)

French GCSE

Child Development Cam Nat

French GCSE

Computing GCSE

History GCSE

Computing GCSE

Geography GCSE

Health & Fitness TechA

iMedia ICT Cam Nat

Drama GCSE

History GCSE

History GCSE


Geography GCSE

Media BTTA (22)

Media BTTA (20)

Sociology GCSE

History GCSE

Music GCSE (25)

Product Design (20)

Step Up En Ma

Sociology GCSE

Product Design GCSE (24)

Textiles (24)

Media BTTA










*College course are only available from year 10 and will be in place of one of the other four choices from year 10 onwards