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Private Music Lessons

In September 2017, schools in the Olympus Academy Trust no longer provided the administration to organise or take payment for instrumental lessons.  This is now carried out by the South Gloucestershire Music Hub, or via the independent tutors listed below, who may already provide your son/daughter with tuition.

If you would like your son/daughter to have instrumental lessons, the South Gloucestershire Music Hub or the independent music tutor will be your direct contact with regard to timetabling and invoices.  They will also inform you if they need to reschedule a lesson for whatever reason and keep you up to date with your son/daughter’s progress. Any questions or issues you may have with regards to your son/daughter’s lessons will be addressed directly with the Music Hub or the tutor. 

The Olympus Academy Trust wholeheartedly supports any student who wishes to learn a musical instrument, firmly believing that this will help to develop their general listening skills, co-ordination and motor control, self-confidence, personal responsibility and social interaction as well as their general enjoyment of music.  We actively encourage students to become involved in music and the school subsidises many of the lessons provided.


Instrumental Lessons: The Key Facts…..or…..Important Information

  • Lessons: There will be 30 lessons per academic year usually 10 lessons per two terms. The lesson will last 30 or 20 minutes and in secondary schools only will rotate where possible in a cycle so that students do not miss the same school academic lesson each week. This depends on the total number of students per teacher.
  • Group Size: Lessons will be delivered either as an individual, a pair or in a group (up to four) – assuming that there are enough students wishing to learn the same instrument at the same level.
  • Invoices: Invoices will be issued directly by South Gloucestershire Council or the independent tutors.
  • Timetabling: Times will be posted on the music notice board or in the school and it is students’ responsibility to check these times and to politely excuse themselves from school lessons to attend.  Timetables will also be issued via email to students and parents at the start of every two terms.
  • Grants and Support: The school will be able to provide support towards the cost of music lessons if your son/daughter is in receipt of free school meals. Please contact the school directly regarding this support.

Instruments are not provided by the school.  However, there is a wide range of wind instruments that can be hired from the school for a fee of £10.00 per month.  A separate ‘Instrumental Hire’ form is available on request.  

Additionally the Music Hub can hire out instruments, and you should contact them directly by emailing musicservice@southglos.gov.uk.

You can also take advantage of the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which allows you to purchase an instrument through school which means you do not have to pay VAT.  Instruments bought through this scheme must be used for regular lessons in school.


 Instrumental Lessons Update for Term 2

During Term 1, most of our students have been continuing to have online lessons. We have been working hard to deliver lessons in school, which pupils and teachers can play safely and are delighted to offer instrumental lessons in school starting from Term 2.


We are keeping our students and staff safe by:

  • Frequently washing/sanitising hands
  • Cleaning equipment between lessons
  • Rooms are be cleaned between lessons by the teacher and student, and then cleaned by cleaning staff at the end of the day
  • Wearing face shields or masks by teachers and student, where possible (depending on instrument) or screens between the teacher and students, if suitable 
  • Having clearly separated student and teacher “zones,” suitably distanced from each other
  • No sharing of equipment with other students, e.g. music or instruments; with the expectation of drum kits where students will use the school kit with their own sticks, and in keyboard or piano lessons where the instruments will be sanitised between each lesson 
  • Students will not be able to share lessons with other students from other year group and we would advise, where possible, individual lessons (this can be arranged directly with the instrumental teacher)


How you can support us:

  • Ensuring your child knows the time of their lesson. Teachers will not be able to go into classrooms to collect students from their lessons
  • Bring their instrument and own music (including drum sticks if they are a drummer)
  • Brass and woodwind instruments should also bring a “spit cloth” for emptying water keys, etc. together with a tie handle bag to take their rubbish to bin themselves


If you wish your son/daughter to have instrumental lessons, please contact our private music teachers directly:


Drums: Barney Sage - barneysage@yahoo.com

Vocals: Katie Brake - katie.brake@yahoo.co.uk

Guitar and Bass: James Arberry - james@jamesarbery.co.uk

Piano and Keyboard: Joanna Xylas - three8thnotes@yahoo.com


For Woodwind, Brass or String lessons, please register with the Music Hub: https://live.paritor.com/p/1748.


If you have already started having online lessons with the music service you will not need to sign up again, their lessons will simply switch to being delivered face to face rather than online. 

Emma Rogers

Head of Music

Email. emma.rogers@bradleystokecs.org.uk

Tel. 01454 868817