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The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.

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Sports Relief Mile 2018 (76 images)

Today the whole school ran, walk or crawled a mile for Sports Relief!

Session 16 Day - 6 February 2018 (135 images)

A brilliant day enjoyed by everyone!

Y11 Mock Interviews 2018 (48 images)

Wow what a great day!

Christmas Live Lounge 2017 (31 images)

So much talent - what a fantastic show!

Y7 Team Building Session 16 Day (86 images)

A fantastic, muddy and wet day at Mojo Active where bonds were made and teams were built!

Art Gallery 2017-2018 (11 images)

Some great work here!

Post 16 Team Building Day September 2017 (42 images)

What a fabulous day at Mojo Active! Some great team working skills being demonstrated.

Year 7 students settle in! (45 images)

Didn't take them long to settle in and learn their way around! Some had Science this afternoon whereas others had their first Geography and PE lessons!

GCSE Results 2017 (10 images)

An amazing set of results. Well done everyone.

Year 11 Prom 2017 (159 images)

Wow what a night!

Sports Day June 2017 (47 images)

The rain stayed away and we had a great day! Well done to everyone!

Run 20 June 2017 (86 images)

A fantastic event where the whole school ran for 20 minutes. Well done everyone involved including our Primary students!

Transition Days 2017 (119 images)

Welcome to Cohort 2017. It didn't take long for them to all settle in and make themselves at home! ** More photos added today from Day 2

Art & Photography Exhibition June 2017 (37 images)

Wow - our students are so talented! Congratulations to everyone.

Year 11 Leavers 2017 (85 images)

Goodbye and good luck!

Art & Photography 2016-2017 (20 images)

View our fantastic students work here!

Year 11 Mock Interview Day - 6 February 2017 (24 images)

They scrubbed up well!

Primary Christmas Nativities 2016 (52 images)

Overload of cuteness!

Celebration Awards Evening 2016 (15 images)

A lovely evening to celebrate our GCSE and A level students achievements.

Year 7 have settled in well! (41 images)

September 2016 - not even two weeks in!

Year 11 Prom 2016 (286 images)

What a night! The sun shone and a fantastic time was had by all.

Transition Days 22 & 23 June 2016 (54 images)

Settling in very quickly!

Art & Photography Exhibition June 2016 (39 images)

Another fantastic display of our students work!

Year 11 Leavers 2016 (215 images)

Good luck everyone - we will miss you!

Friends Quiz Night - 13 May 2016 (9 images)

Another great night was enjoyed by many!

Sports Relief Mile - Friday 18 March 2016 (53 images)

We ran, skipped and stumbled our mile for Sports Relief and wore non school uniform and raised nearly £800. Well done to everyone.

World Book Day - 3 March 2016 (31 images)

Another great World Book Day with some fantastic outfits from staff. We incorporated a cake and book sale and raised lots for cancer charities.

Primary - Forest School Transformation (11 images)

The Early Years team have been very busy the last couple of days transforming our new forest school area. We walked across to visit them and were amazed by how fantastic it looked! So far they had created a den area, a mud kitchen, a shelter area and secret paths. We were very excited to see how different it looked and can’t wait until it has finished so we can use it on a weekly basis.

Primary - Traffic (26 images)

As we are learning about vehicles this week, we designed our own traffic survey sheet and wrote ourselves what vehicles we wanted to see on the road. We recorded all the vehicles we could see and we even got some waves and beeps off the big lorries!’. We also went to visit the building site of the new skateboard park. We looked at the cranes and what vehicles they were using to build it, spoke to the man in charge about how he was making the park and he told us about the different parts of the cranes and how they were used. We are looking forward to our trip next week to learn more about vehicles.

Primary - Maths Workshop Afternoon (30 images)

We enjoyed our maths workshop afternoon, playing a range of maths games and activities and teaching the adults about how we learn maths and showing off what we can already do! Thank you to all parents who were able to make it.

Primary - Goldilocks and the Three Bears (50 images)

We have really enjoyed our ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ topic this half term. We made porridge just like the three bears had and we tried it with different toppings – sugar, honey and jam. We talked about what each one tasted like and which one we liked the best. We also planned how we would make a new chair for baby bear and then made one for him in groups in our Forest School session. Goldilocks visited our classroom and made a mess in it and then stole our bears, we had to go into the woods to find them and then think of different ways we could rescue them as Goldilocks had left them in the trees. When we rescued the bears we listened to what they said and then wrote and drew where they had been and all the questions we wanted to ask Goldilocks. We have been keeping a look out for Goldilocks ever since!

Year 11 Mock Interviews - 13 January 2016 (48 images)

Year 11 students looked amazing and were a total credit to us as a school at their mock interviews today. A huge thank you to all the employers who interviewed them.

KS4 Celebration Evening 16 December 2015 (51 images)

Great to see so many KS4 Summer 2015 leavers returning to collect their exam certificates and awards.

KS5 Celebration Evening 16 December 2015 (17 images)

Lovely to see our Year 13 leavers from Summer 2015 return to collect their certificates and awards.

Primary - Nativity (20 images)

Our first Nativity in the Primary Phase was a brilliant success! The children were all fantastic, remembered all their lines and sung beautifully. They were fantastic in both the dress rehearsal and the main performance, we are very proud of all the children!

Primary - Santa is Coming (37 images)

We have been very busy preparing for Christmas. We have written letters to Santa and posted them to him, we are looking forward to a reply! We have been practising our Nativity and have been learning about why we have nativities and Christmas. We have been very busy making calendars, Christmas cards, bauble decorations, baking and preparing Christmas activities for our Christmas craft evening.

Primary - Forest Schools (18 images)

We have forest school sessions every Friday morning…whatever the weather! We take part in a range of activities, exploring what we can do in the forest and what we can learn from it. The children love our forest school sessions and enjoy the team games we play, having the opportunity to explore, be creative and use their imagination and of course being outside in an open space with fresh air!

Primary - Phonic Workshop (29 images)

We had our first phonic workshop this week. Thank you to all the parents that could attend, the children had a lovely time teaching their parents about how we learn phonics and playing with all the different phonic activities.

Primary - Library Visits (14 images)

We visit the library on a fortnightly basis on a Friday afternoon. The children are read a couple of stories, sing some songs and then can read a book of their own choice. The children can then take a book out of the library, they are learning to use the machines independently.

Primary - Football (9 images)

We have weekly football sessions on a Wednesday afternoon. We have been learning team games, how to throw and catch a ball like a goal keeper, how to stop the ball like a defender and which part of our foot to use to kick the ball. It has been great fun!

Primary - Diwali (6 images)

We have been learning about Diwali for the last fortnight. We have had different people come in and talk to us about Diwali and how it is celebrated, we have tasted Diwali food, designed and had henna patterns, made a Diwali lamp out of clay and decorated it, listened to Diwali music and made up a Diwali dance and looked at Diwali pictures, lamps, puppets and lights. We have really enjoyed learning about Diwali!

Acorn Class enjoy their first week at school (138 images)

Balloon launch and opening ceremony too!

Facilities at BSCS (14 images)

For information on the hiring of any of our facilities please see the Facilities section of this website.

Year 7 New Starters - 2015 (18 images)

They settled in quickly!

Race for Life - 16 July 2015 (37 images)

Another great fundraising event! Lucie Hulin was the first person back to school.

Year 9 Graduation Day - 15 July 2015 (32 images)

Year 9 students enjoyed graduating yesterday. They were awarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates as a result of their transition projects they have undertaken before starting KS4.

Sports Day - 30 June 2015 (316 images)

On a sizzling hot summers day, BSCS students pulled out all the stops for a brilliant Sports Day.

Year 11 Prom 2015 (238 images)

The sun shone, everyone looked amazing and a fantastic time was had by all!

Year 13 Strawberry Tea 2015 (18 images)

Pimms and strawberries all round!

Year 6 Transition Days 2015 (64 images)

Enjoying their new tutor groups and a roast lunch!

Art and Photography Exhibition June 2015 (70 images)

Another fantastic display from our Art and Photographic students! The exhibition includes work produced by GCSE Fine Art, GCSE Applied Art, A-S and A Level Fine Art and Photography students.

New Primary Build (91 images)

Nearly ready - 4 weeks to go! New photos added - 9 June 2015

Year 11 Leavers 2015 - 22 May 2015 (69 images)

Year 11s left today just returning for exams after half term. The Ice Cream man was unwell, but a quick trip to Tesco and a trolley load of ice creams and ice lollies and all was well! Good luck Year 11s.

BSCS Election Debate 2015 (7 images)

Local Party leaders attended BSCS today and engaged in two debates. One with Post 16 students and the other with representatives from KS3 and KS4. Our BSCS Election takes place on Wednesday 6 May 2015. Results to follow!

Year 10 Geography Snowdonia Trip 2015 (92 images)

Thursday 19 March saw the students leave BSCS and head off for a weekend in Snowdonia. On Saturday 21 March they made it to the summit of Mount Snowdon! Well done everyone.

BBC News Reports Day (16 images)

Year 11 Mock Interviews - 19 March 2015 (62 images)

Dressed to impress!

Comic Relief Day - 13 March 2015 (19 images)

Fabulous day! Over £911 raised for Comic Relief.

World Book Day 5 March 2015 (25 images)

Staff dressed up as their favourite Book Characters - Cruella could only manage 11 Dalmations though - times are hard!

KS4 Celebration Evening 17 December 2014 (96 images)

A fantastic night - enjoyed by all the KS4 leavers from July 2014.

KS5 Celebration Evening 17 December 2014 (38 images)

A fantastic night - enjoyed by all the KS5 leavers from July 2014.

Christmas Jumpers 2014 (16 images)

Staff and students came up trumps with their Christmas jumpers this year! Proceeds raised to Caring at Christmas.

BSCS Remembers 2014 (67 images)

Students have remembered the WW1 Centenary and have made clay poppies, wooden crosses, creating trenches and baking anzac biscuits.

New Year 7s have settled in well! September 2013 (41 images)

These photos were taken on the Friday of the first week of term - didn't take them long to settle in and feel at home! They enjoyed "Fish and Chip Friday".

New Y7 students enjoy their first Fish and Chip Friday (10 images)

Look how well they have all settled in!

GCSE Results - 2014 (65 images)

Students collecting their GCSE Results - Aug 2014

Post 16 Results Day 2014 (27 images)

Students receive their Post 16 results.

Year 11 Mock Interview Day - 26 March 2014 (47 images)

Students from BSCS and ACS all took part in a fantastic mock interview day today. Local businesses all supported the Academy and acted as interviewers. All students had a 25 minute interview with a real business person and was given feedback from the employer. The students also visited colleges and universities for half of the day for a tour and to see what was on offer. A really successful day for everyone and our thanks go to all the local employers who interviewed the students.

Year 11 Leavers 2014 shirt signing - 23 May 2014 (181 images)

Y11 leavers enjoyed their t shirt signing and visit by the ice cream man!

Sports Relief 2014 - one mile walk/run - 21 March 2014 (157 images)

All students and staff took part in a one mile run or walk around the local area on Friday 21 March 2014. Also they all came to school in non uniform, some sports related, and donated £1 towards this worthy cause. £928.01 was raised in total.

Rugby League World Cup - November 2013 (7 images)

The season culminated in a wonderful opportunity for 10 students who were selected for their positive contributions to term 1. The boys formed the official guard of honour for the official opening ceremony of the Rugby League World Cup 2013 at The Millennium Stadium.

Christmas Jumper Day - 12 December 2013 (13 images)

BSCS Staff and Students raised £779 today by wearing non school uniform and Christmas jumpers!

Children in Need - November 2013 (5 images)

**UPDATE £984 raised so far and still raising ** Students and staff at Bradley Stoke Community school went all out to support Children in Need. Many students wore pyjamas and they got involved with the many fundraising activities that were taking place. There were cakes galore to buy, and literally hundreds were sold in a very busy break time. There was face painting, Pudsey raffles and guess the number of sweets in a jar! One highlight was Pavi Nirwan’s fundraising – he kindly allowed other students to throw wet sponges at him – it proved to be very popular! Some lessons were more quiet than usual, with many students taking part in a sponsored silence for the day. The money is rolling in thick and fast and its been fantastic to see everyone getting involved.

BSCS Race for Life 2014 - 25 June 2014 (97 images)

Students, staff and parents participated in a one mile loop of the school in sweltering heat. Well done to all involved.

BSCS Race for Life - 27 June 2013 (29 images)

Took place on 27 June - a great time had by all despite the wet weather - please get your sponsorship money in as soon as possible so we can update you with a total of monies raised.

Bristol Young Heroes Awards - 28 March 2014 (3 images)

The first ever Bristol Young Heroes Awards took place on Friday 28th March at the Grand Thistle Hotel. The gala dinner event aimed to celebrate inspirational young people who have achieved great things. Four students from BSCS were named as finalists: Maggie Yu (Academic Achievement) Ashleigh Hughes (Sporting Achievement) Louis Cox (Overall Hero) Dan Northam (Overall Hero) Staff and students enjoyed the dinner and mixing with local dignitaries; Ashleigh was the highlight of the evening, collecting the Sporting Achievement Award following her recent European Championship medals in Tang-soo-do. Ashleigh is pictured with Olympic Gold Medallist Amy Williams (Vancouver 2010, Skeleton).

AS Geography Fieldwork Trip - November 2013 (6 images)

AS level students from BSCS and ACS enjoyed a fantastic week away on a field trip to Slapton Ley in Devon. Geographical fieldwork skills are an essential part of the AS course and form half of the unit 2 exam in the summer.

Art Exhibition June 2013 (27 images)

The 2013 Art Exhibition took place this week (10 June 2013) in the Main Hall. Exhibits were on display from students work in photography, art and textiles.

Session 16 - Y11 Interview Day - 11 March 2013 (10 images)

Many local employers gave up their time to come and interview every Year 11 student and to feedback to them on technique etc. The Year 11 students looked very smart and interviewer feedback after was very very positive.

Year 10 Geography Trip - March 2014 (13 images)

Congratulations to the 42 students in year 10 who attempted to climb Mt Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales.

Y11 Prom - 27 June 2014 (99 images)

The rain stayed away and Y11 students enjoyed a fantastic prom night at the Aztec Hotel.

Transition Day - 26 June 2014 (26 images)

Year 6 students already settling in!

Sports Day - 2 July 2013 (52 images)

Unfortunately rain stopped play around midday but the Finals of all events will take place Tuesday 16 July from 1.35pm on the main field.

Sports Day - 3 July 2014 (182 images)

The rain held off for us! What a great day.

Y13 Prom - 27 June 2014 (23 images)

Y13 leavers enjoyed their Prom at Bristol Zoo.

Session 16 - Disaster Day - 6 March 2013 (13 images)

On 6 March 2013 Session 16 Day Y7, 8 & 9 students took part in a vertical learning Disaster Day. Students arrived in school and were advised a tsunami type diaster had taken place overnight and they took part in various workshops covering first aid, disaster management and financial concerns etc. As you can see from the photos - a fantastic time was had by all!

Fine Art, Photography and Textiles Exhibition June 2014 (55 images)

A fantastic display of BTEC, GCSE, AS & A2 students work.

Deki visit to BSCS - 19 April 2013 (38 images)

The CEO of microloan charity DEKI, Vashti Seth, came in to BSCS Friday 19 April to deliver an assembly to the whole of Year 7 to thank students for their outstanding contribution to the charity so far this year. She has been so impressed with the students' creativity for raising money, their sense of responsibility and their enthusiastic attitude that she wanted to meet the young people. After the assembly, she worked with a group of Year 7 students who have worked above and beyond in terms of raising money and awareness for the charity. She led several workshops that highlighted how brilliant microloans can be in helping people to support themselves. The students also had a chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills by completing business plans that they will carry out during the 'November DEKI Tenner Tournament'. Once again our students proved themselves to be excellent ambassadors of BSCS - working with resilience, imagination and empathy. They impressed not only staff here, but the charity workers and the film crew from UWE. A huge well done to all involved. More information on this event can be found on the DEKI website

KS5 Celebration Evening - 18 December 2013 (12 images)

On 18 December 2013 Y13 students and their parents/guests enjoyed a Celebration evening where their exam certificates were awarded and also additional subject and character awards. It was fantastic evening and the guest speaker, Councillor Ian Boulton, and Bristol City players Jordan Wynter and Elliott Parish were fantastic.

KS4 Celebration Evening - 18 December 2013 (31 images)

On 18 December 2013 Y11 students and their parents/guests enjoyed a Celebration evening where their exam certificates were awarded and also additional subject and character awards. It was fantastic evening and the guest speaker, Councillor Ian Boulton, and Bristol City players Jordan Wynter and Elliott Parish were fantastic.

Vertical Session 16 Day - Wednesday 25 June 2014 (77 images)

Wow what a fantastic day! Graffiti artists, textiles workshops, dance workshops, cookie making, girl pop bands & drama workshops! What more could they ask for!

Year 13 Leavers Strawberry Tea - 24 June 2014 (37 images)

Year 13 Leavers enjoyed a final assembly and strawberry and pimms tea today.

Chepstow Trip - 12 June 2014 (9 images)

Y7 students enjoyed a fun filled day at Chepstow Castle.

Lulworth Cove - 12 June 2014 (43 images)

Year 9 had a brilliant day walking along the Dorset Coast from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door. We learnt a lot about rock types, how this coast has been formed and how is it still changing. It’s such a shame we couldn’t jump in for a swim….

Cycle for Sarah 2014 (6 images)

A huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far for this event. Here are just a few photos of the fundraising event leading up to the actual cycle ride 22 & 23 May 2014.

South Gloucestershire Achievement Awards 2014 (5 images)

It was a privilege to attend the South Gloucestershire Achievement Awards at BAWA last Thursday evening. Students and former-students from BSCS were recognised for their outstanding achievements and received awards and certificates, presented by the inspirational speaker, Tom Robson, Director of TREDU. Congratulations and well done for all your hard work! Highest attainment at KS3 based on Y9 Teacher Assessments: James King and Natasha Okoye Most progress from KS2 (Year 6) to KS3 (Y9): Samuel Watts and Abbie Roberts Highest attainment at KS4 - GCSE or equivalent: Hugh Raynor and Joanna Field Most progress between KS3 and KS4 - GCSE or equivalent: Alexander Sargent and Chloe Price Highest Attainment in Post 16 qualifications: Uttam Sharma and Charlotte Murray Most progress between KS4 and Post 16 qualifications: Joseph Robson and Elizabeth Tasker

World Book Day - 6 March 2014 (13 images)

Lots of staff dressed up today as book characters for World Book Day.

Alice in Wonderland - December 2013 (33 images)

A fantastic performance enjoyed by all who watched it. Well done to all the staff and students involved in it.

Tough Mudder Term 1 2013 (8 images)

The Year 13 BTEC class organised a scintillating final event to Term 1. The staff Team of Mr Sharp, Mr Young and Mr Burnell won this endurance based team challenge!

Peru Summer 2013 (10 images)

After two years of planning and fundraising, where students had to individually raise £3995, a group of 14 students embarked on a 4 week expedition to Peru. This involved a challenging five day trek in the Andes mountain range, a community project, where students supported a community with their eco-tourism ambitions, and a jungle phase, which involved learning some essential survival skills to cope with the Amazon rainforest.

BSCS Year 11 Leavers Prom - 1 July 2013 (89 images)

Year 11 Leavers enjoyed a fantastic prom night on Monday at Tortworth Court.

General Photos (15 images)

General Photos

The Olympus Academy Trust Launch Event - 14 March 2013 (27 images)

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the launch event in either or both schools yesterday. We were proud of our students as they showcased their learning for visitors for an hour and some were involved in performances in the hall afterwards.

World Book Day - Thursday 7 March 2013 (22 images)

Staff at BSCS excelled themselves by dressing up as their favourite literay characters, from Dennis the Menace to Miss Havisham! A great day enjoyed by all.