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About the Friends



About the Friends

The Friends@BSCS is the Parent Teacher Association for Bradley Stoke Community School.  We have grown in strength every year since our foundation and have recruited a small team of passionate and dedicated parents to support FRIENDS over the year.

FRIENDS@BSCS is a growing community which acts as a way of raising money for school based projects. The largest project to date was completed some years ago and saw the FRIENDS@BSCS raise a substantial amount of money to build an outdoor seating area for students to use during break and lunch time. Without the fundraising and dedication of the Friends@BSCS, this shelter would never have been built.   Since this we have supported subject departments to provide a host of equipment, resources and revision tools; art aprons, textiles mannequins, Spanish dictionaries, Catering food processors, textbooks (CRS, Business Studies, Maths, Psychology, Sociology), replace Science equipment.

We also have been able to support other areas around the school; online revision tools, iPad, funding community speakers, donating to the Session 16 budget, English performance, part funding recording studio for Music, purchasing table tennis and outside furniture for students.

The FRIENDS@BSCS can be found at most BSCS events, often selling refreshments! In the past year we have raised money by organising a Grand Christmas Raffle, selling refreshments at Live Lounge and Music events, as well as selling pre-owned uniform during Parent Information Evenings so please come and say hello!.  

Total raised for the academic year 2015/16: £2,233

Total raised for the academic year 2016/17: £1,744

Total raised for the academic year 2017/18:  £3,914

Total raised for the academic year 2018/19: £2,717


The Friends@BSCS are not only about raising money for school based projects but to strengthen links with the wider community, engage parents with the day to day running of the school and use their talents, skills and experiences to benefit the lives of BSCS students. I hope, like us, you see the importance of the role that the school plays with the community and equally how important you are to the school and continue to support our events, our students and our staff.

We update the website regularly with news of upcoming events as well as in the school newsletter.

If you are a parent of any BSCS student and would like to be involved in the FRIENDS@BSCS or a local business that would like to support us please contact us at


Twitter – friends@BSCS

Facebook – Friends at BSCS

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