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The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

We work in close partnership with our schools, ensuring that we facilitate the sharing of best practice and provide access to a wide range of partners and resources for the benefit of our students and the wider community. Visit our website here or follow us on Twitter @olympustrust.

Bradley Stoke

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Communication Overview


Information for parents and carers on who to contact?

In general, the first point of contact should be the member of staff closet to the issue. The
table below is intended to provide you with a guide. The key staff contacts list is included
in this appendix.

Issue Point of contact
Issue arising in a lesson/setting within a
particular subject
The subject teacher
Unresolved issue after consulting with the
The subject team leader
Concerns about academic progress and
Independent Learning
The subject teacher in the first instance
The subject team leader if required
The raising standards leader for the year group
Issues about tutor time/between lessons The tutor
Concerns about friendship groups or
where you feel child may be being bullied
The tutor
Where issues are unresolved after
support from the tutor
The Student Support Team Co-ordinator
Trips/visits/extra-curricular activities The member of staff organising the trip
Special Educational Needs Mrs Erica Wolstenholme (SENCo)
Mrs Vanessa Willcox (Learning Support Team
Where any of the above issues are not

The Student Support Coordinator for your
child’s year group:
Year 7 and 8 :Miss Jacqui Gallagher
Year 9 and 10: Mrs Rachel Wittcombe (Student Support Team
Year 11 and Student Support Team Leader : Mrs Lynda Cordukes

Members of the Leadership Team are available
each morning from 8am-8.30 for any urgent

You may wish to make initial contact by telephoning the school (01454 868840) and leave a
message for the appropriate member of staff. Most staff use email. The email address is
always the first name + followed by the second name+ @ bradleystokecs.org.uk. e.g.

If you have a general query or are not sure who to direct your query to, then please email
admin@bradleystokecs.org.uk, and your email will be passed to the relevant member of

Staff will get back to you as quickly as possible, however, please take into account that they
are teaching during the day and therefore they may not be able to respond to you until the
end of the school day or the following school day.

Safeguarding information for parents and carers

Bradley Stoke Community School fully recognises its responsibility to safeguard and
promote the welfare of children and to work together with parents, carers and other agencies
to ensure effective arrangements within our school to identify, assess and support children
who are suffering from harm.

Key school contacts for safegarding:

Designated Child Protection Officer: Ms Susie Beresford-Wylie (Director of Student Support)

Deputy Child Protection Officer: Mrs Lynda Cordukes (Student Support Coordinator)

In the absence of either of the above, all members of the Student Support Team are
externally qualified to deal with child protection issues.

These staff can be contacted on 01454 868840 or via email (see key school contacts page).


Useful Key School Contacts

Leadership Team- who to contact?

Name Area of
Contact email
Mr Steve Moir Headteacher steve.moir@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mr Peter Lynch Deputy
Ms Susie Beresford-Wylie

Director of Student

attendance and

Mrs Sarah Barker  Assistant
(Student Progress)
Mrs Beth Owen Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) beth.owen@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Amanda Morton Assistant
Mrs Sharon Clark Head of Primary
Mr Tom Hill Director of Post 16 tom.hill@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Erica Wolstenholme SENCo  erica.wolstenholme@bradleystokecs.org.uk

Student Support Team

Name Area of
Contact email
Jacqui Gallagher Year 7 and 8
Student Support
(including year 6-7
transition )
Lynda Cordukes Year 11
student support
coordinator and Student Support Team Leader
Rachelle Wittcomb Year 9 and 10 Student
Support Coordinator
and SST Team
Madelaine McGinn Attendance
Debbie Pentney Behaviour and

Subject Team Leaders

Name Subject Leader Contact email
Mr Neal Cornish Maths neal.cornish@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Alicia Nowik (maternity leave) English Language alicia.nowik@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Ms Laura Allan (maternity cover) English Language laura.allan@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Miss Caitlin Murphy English Literature caitlin.murphy@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Sarah Barker Science sarah.barker@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mr Adam Shanks History adam.shanks@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Kate Stanleigh Geography kate.stanleigh@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mr Andy Young PE andy.young@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mr Andy Sharp Product Design andy.sharp@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Miss Laura Westgate Art laura.westgate@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Miss Emma Rogers Music emma.rogers@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Hazel Bartlett Drama hazel.bartlett@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Sophie Bohane CRS sophie.bohane@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Miss Sarah Lockyer Modern Foreign

Ms Sally Parker

Mr Ben Fuller

Media Studies



Miss Sadie McCombe Sociology sadie.mccombe@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Clare Manning Business Studies clare.manning@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Amanda Morton Computing & ICT amand.morton@bradleystokecs.org.uk
Mrs Tara Graffagnino Psychology & Child