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Bradley Stoke Community School

Keeping Children Safe

Bradley Stoke Community School fully recognises its responsibility under section 175 of the Education Act 2002 to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and to work together with other agencies to ensure effective arrangements within our school to identify, assess and support children who are suffering from harm.

Safeguarding our school community is of paramount importance. We ensure that all our staff are aware of, and have the skills to deal with, any child protection or safeguarding concerns. We have robust recruitment procedures and professional development programmes which ensure that all our staff uphold our strong ethos and values. All of our staff receive yearly updates as part of their child protection training.                                                         

Key School Contacts

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is 


Jacqui Gallagher, Director of Behaviour, Attitudes and  Student Support

Email: jacqui.gallagher@olympustrust.co.uk

 We have two Deputy Safeguarding Leads:

 Rachel Brace, Deputy Director of Behaviour, Attitudes and Student Support and Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Email:  Rachel.brace@olympustrust.co.uk


Sharon Clark, Primary Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Email: Sharon.clark@olympustrust.co.uk

Laura Barney, Head of Year 8 and Deputy Safeguarding Lead for Primary

Email: Laura.barney@olympustrust.co.uk

The Head of Year Team have also completed higher level Child Protection Training and can also be contacted if you have concerns about a child.

The school follows the advice issued from the South Gloucestershire Children's Partnership and their site has a range of useful information for parents and carers as well as numbers to contact if you have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of a child. Please use the numbers below if you have concerns about a child and would like to speak to someone from the Access and Response Team directly. 

The staff above can be reached using the main school number 01454 868840 or email admin@bradleystokecs.org.uk.


The following documents are all related directly to safeguarding, primarily of children and young people, but also of employees. It is expected that all members of staff are familiar with these documents and that they have read the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and completed their Part 1 Keeping Children Safe in Education E-learning module.  All staff have yearly training updates.





Screentime for Mental Health - 29 January 2020 

Update Prevent Let's Talk About - 5 February 2018 


 Beyond the Gates 

it is is important for our parents and carers to be aware that we work closely with our school community- the Police and Willowbrook Centre and are alert for concerns involving contextual safeguarding.  



Adverse Childhood Experiences

BSCS is an ACE aware school and is part of the Local Authority ACE strategic group.  


Safeguarding Newsletters

We will continue to regularly send parents and carers important updates and information across a range of safeguarding issues.


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 Parent Safeguarding Webinar - 4 January 2022

Helpful Websites

All policy information can all be found  here.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Addendum, Acceptable User ICT Policy, Attendance Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Code of Conduct, OAT Allegations of Abuse Policy, OAT Drugs Policy, OAT Educational Visits, OAT Lone Working, OAT Recruitment, OAT Whistle Blowing, Use of Reasonable Force and Physical Intervention, Statement of Intent- Health and Safety, Student Well-Being Policy, Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy and Single Equality.