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Bradley Stoke Community School

How accessible is BSCS school?


  • BSCS Primary Phase was built in 2015 and is fully accessible.
  • BSCS Secondary Phase was built in 2005 in compliance accessibility legislation and is therefore:
    • Fully wheelchair accessible
    • Fitted with audio loops in the main hall, meeting areas and classrooms support students with hearing impairments through acoustic design
    • Colour coded to aid those with visual impairments, including high visibility strips on the stairs and raised, tactile door signage.
    • Fitted with 5 disabled toilets and changing areas.  One of these is a wet room, fitted with a ceiling track hoist and a rise and fall bench.
    • Fitted with a designated physiotherapy room, in the Learning Support Suite, which has a ceiling track hoist and rise and fall bench.
    • Fitted with two lifts at either end of the school building.
    • Fitted with specialist classroom equipment such as height adjustable tables, science workbenches and accessible ovens and sinks.
  • BSCS benefits from a number of designated disabled parking spaces directly outside the main entrance.  These are allocated to students and staff with mobility needs
  • Any specific equipment required by students with physical and/or sensory needs will be stored securely in the Learning Support Suite
  • A full Disability Accessibility Policy is available for fuller information on the school website