Bradley Stoke Community School

How does BSCS work together with outside agencies?


  • If a student has support from more than one external agency their needs will be coordinated through the Single Assessment Framework, or SAF process.  The SAF is a document which draws together key information about a child and their family, in order to plan effective intervention across services (education, health and social care).  The SAF is overseen by a lead professional who will have been identified by you, as the parent/carer


  • If your child has a Statement of SEND or an EHCP, their provision will be formally reviewed as part of the Annual Review process.   Parents/carers and students are invited to attend and contribute to this meeting.  Representatives from the Local Authority and other supporting agencies may be invited to join the meeting, particularly if amendments to the EHCP/Statement are required.  The school report and meeting summary documentation will be shared with parents/carers, supporting agencies and the Local Authority  


  • If school has significant concerns regarding any student a request for a Team Around the Child (TAC) meeting may be made in order to share information and plan support.  Parents/carers may be invited to attend