Bradley Stoke Community School

How will BSCS communicate to all staff that my child has SEN or a disability and the support that he or she will need?

  • Student passports are in place for all students with a statement or EHCP and for students who require a more bespoke approach to ensure that their individual needs can be supported in the classroom. Students and parents work with staff to develop these passports and strategies are reviewed and evaluated for each student
  • All teachers have access to the Student  Information Document ( a comprehensive guide to learning difficulties )
  • All school staff have access to SIMS (Student Information Management System) which stores all student data including the Student Profile. During parent consultation evenings this profile, which includes the latest assessment data, will help to guide the discussion between teachers and parents
  • All staff have access to a programme of professional development, which includes training in a variety of areas including teaching and learning, pastoral and behaviour support, safeguarding and differentiation. When required, a more bespoke package of training is provided to ensure that staff are well equipped to manage more specific needs e.g. visual impairment or particular behaviour management strategies
  • At BSCS, as part of our ethos to ensure that students develop independence and take ownership of their own learning needs, we encourage them to participate in discussions focused on learning and progress. This is achieved through the mentoring programme
  • Information is communicated to staff via twice weekly staff briefings. This enables the latest information regarding student needs to be shared with staff in a timely manner