Bradley Stoke Community School

How will BSCS prepare and support my child for Post 16 transition, both within BSCS and outside of BSCS?


  • For students with Statements/EHCPs, the Y11 Annual Review meeting is an opportunity to consider all the options available for Post 16.  For some students this will mean a transition to a local college, whilst others will be best served by the courses available at BSCS’s Post 16 Centre.  At this review, plans will be made for adjusting the provision to reflect the student’s changing needs.  Year 11 Annual Review meetings take place during term 2, in order to ensure that preparation for a move to college is given appropriate planning time
  • For some students, particularly those with SEND, the move away from the familiarity of BSCS is particularly daunting.  It may be that these young people require additional support with practical issues, such as using public transport or familiarising themselves with the college building.  Opportunities for attending college open days and receiving support with application forms or interviews can be discussed with the Learning Support Team.  The YISS worker is also available to support students and parents during this transition period, in consultation with the SENCo 
  • Students with SEND may be encouraged to take the StepUp course during Y10 and 11.  This course offers additional opportunities to prepare for independent living, including work and college interviews and the transition to college