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How will BSCS prepare and support my child for transition in secondary school?


  • At BSCS we recognise that transition into secondary school is a significant experience for students and parents. Whilst many Y6 students are ready for this move, there will inevitably be some who require a more personalised transition package
  • Parents of students with more complex needs, who have Statements or EHCPs, may choose to visit BSCS and meet with the SENCo/Assistant SENCo or Lead TAs prior to naming their chosen school.  This is welcomed, although the SENCo is not permitted to attend Y5 Annual Review meetings
  • For students with identified SEND or Statements/EHCPs, liaison with primary schools is a priority in order to plan effective provision.   The SENCO, Assistant SENCo and Lead TA for Transition will work in close collaboration with the SENCo and/or Y6 teacher at your child’s primary school and will, where possible, attend the Y6 Annual Review meeting 
  • The school will be sent copies of all proposed Y6/7 Statements or EHCPs in order to be able to review the school’s ability to meet the needs set out by the Local Authority.  The SENCo will consult with the Headteacher and Local Authority to request additional provision and discretionary funding where applicable
  • Once your child’s place is confirmed at BSCS, the transition programme will be confirmed, depending on individual student needs:
    • All main feeder schools will be visited by a member of the Student Support Team and Y6 teachers will be invited to share student information in order to aid tutor group planning (parents and students are also invited to contribute to this process via a feedback form, sent from BSCS to each child).  During these visits, students are invited to ask questions about their transfer to secondary school
    • All students are invited to attend Transition Day during Term 6, where they will meet their tutors and tutor group
    • Some students will be invited to attend additional school visits, which are usually arranged by the Lead TA for Transition
    • Some students may be invited to attend Summer School at BSCS, which takes place during the holiday.  This is primarily aimed at students in receipt of free school meals; however, additional places are allocated for more vulnerable learners
    • For students who require the support of outside agencies, such as Occupational Therapy, additional visits and professional planning meetings may be arranged to ensure that equipment and risk assessments are in place as early as possible

Where a student has an existing Single Assessment Framework Plan (SAF), BSCS staff would expect to be invited to a transition review and handover by the Lead Professional (this is usually, but may not always be, led by the primary school)