Bradley Stoke Community School

What support will there be for my child's overall wellbeing?


  • BSCS has a reputation for outstanding care and guidance.  We have a dedicated team of pastoral staff.  The Student Support Team are skilled in supporting students whose social, emotional and behavioural needs places them at risk of disengagement, isolation, underachievement, non-attendance or even exclusion.  Where risks are identified, direct intervention is planned in partnership with parents/carers and students in order to overcome barriers
  • BSCS has a Lead TA for Physical, Sensory and Medical needs and, where required, a care plan will be in place. The School Health Service works in partnership with staff at BSCS in order to plan for more complex medical needs
  • At BSCS, we have staff who are trained to provide 1:1 personal care for students with physical, medical and sensory needs.
  • As part of the school’s ‘Plan, Assess, Do and Review’ meetings, we are able to identify students who would benefit from:
    • Additional transition support at each key stage
    • Focused intervention in building confidence, improving self-esteem and developing social skills
    • 1:1 confidential counselling, delivered by on-site specialist student counsellors
    • Access to 1:1 confidential guidance around risk-taking behaviour
    • Drop-in access to confidential advice from the school health nurse
    • Drop-in access to confidential advice and guidance around relationships and contraception from a trained No Worries co-ordinator
    • A specialised small group SRE (sex and relationships education) programme
    • Access to external support organisations, such as Breakthrough sports mentoring, Youth Intervention Service (YISS) or the Family Intervention Service (FISS)
  • Where students have a wider range of needs, and are supported by more than one external agency, a Single Assessment Framework (SAF) will be completed to ensure that needs are properly coordinated across services.  A SAF will not be undertaken without parental agreement
  • Students at BSCS are always involved in plans to support them in improving any aspect of their social and emotional wellbeing

Parental permission will be sought for any student who we will feel would benefit in participating in additional sessions such as SRE or social skills