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What training have the staff at BSCS had regarding supporting students with SEND?


  • At the beginning of each school year, BSCS teaching and support staff are provided with training which enables them to offer a basic level of emergency medical care in the classroom.  This includes a briefing on Diabetes, Epilepsy and Anaphylaxis 
  • All teaching and support staff are required, by law, to attend biannual training in Safeguarding.  This ensures that staff are alert to the signs and symptoms of abuse: emotional, physical, sexual and neglect.  Members of the Student Support Team hold external qualifications in Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced Safeguarding
  • Throughout the year staff benefit from an extensive programme of continuing professional development, including specific training in meeting the needs of SEND students and vulnerable learners.  For example, staff have received training on how to support students with visual impairments, effective use of ICT to support learners with SEND and whole school differentiation
  • Professionals from outside agencies regularly support school in the planning and delivery of specialist training