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The Olympus Academy Trust is committed to delivering an outstanding education for young people, ensuring that our students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and learning opportunities.

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Bradley Stoke

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Student Council


Here at Bradley Stoke Community School we have always had an active student council. We place the highest importance on having student representation on all matters which affect teaching and learning, behaviour and safety and leadership and management. This is what we have always been about as student voice.


Students apply to become a student council representative at the start of each academic year and need to be able to demonstrate what they feel they can offer. This application process ensures that student council members are dedicated to the role whilst also removing the possibility of it becoming a popularity contest.

Being a student council member at Bradley Stoke Community School is a position  of responsibility and requires a commitment to attend meetings, communicate regularly with other students in the year group and attend after school meetings with members of the Leadership Team and the school Governors.

 Our current school council consists of the following students: 

Year 7:

Naomi Planter

Charlotte Rollin

Isabel Ogram

Asees Kaur


Year 8:

Lousia Aquilina

Millie Burton

Joshua Thomas

Weronika Buczynska


Year 9:

Jess Hill

Akshita Jain

Ciaran Kelly

Callum Clutterbuck

Tanisha Suthar

Ala Abuyzhayeh


Year 10:

Emma Mitchell

Alex Sell

Ajitesh Creenivasan

Ella Shield

Hannah Williams 

Esme Thompson

 The council elected their own Chair, Vice Chair and Minute taker and they run very organised meetings at least twice a term which are supported by a group of Post 16 students.



All minutes from the council are shared with the leadership team and this often results in immediate decisions and changes when items raised can be dealt with quickly. An example of this was the council raising concern about the growing amount of chewing gum under tables, something they all felt very strongly about, and this led to a whole school staff focus and hopefully a reduction of chewing gum in school.

They are a fabulous group of students who are very committed to their role.

Susie Beresford Wylie