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Bradley Stoke Community School

Reward System

We are proud of our record here at Bradley Stoke Community School of rewarding our students for their progress and success. This is something which staff work hard to achieve as rewards play a significant part in raising attendance, improving effort in class and developing motivation and resilience. 

We have ratio of approximately 4:1 for rewards and sanctions and students can obtain these through the schools Rs system below:



Celebrating Rewards

Each term, every year group has an awards assembly. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate success at individual and group level and students really enjoy the occasion. We celebrate attendance by providing prizes to the highest attending tutor group from the previous term, a draw and a prize of a voucher for students who have attended 100% in the previous term, prizes for the tutor group with the most R3s, recognition for those students who have managed to achieve a credit certificate, and the tutor group prize for the tutor challenge winners. Individual letters are also sent out by the Director of Student Support to all students with credit certificates and a high number of R3s from the previous term.

Postcards are handed out to students via their tutors every week as part of the tutor programme and are recorded on each student’s positive behaviour record. Parents can access this information via FROG.