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What will a 3 year KS4 look like for my child?


What will a 3 year KS4 look like for my child?


Year 8

Students will take their options in Year 8. To help them prepare for this they will receive:
 An assembly to explain the process
 Career lessons – explaining the process, careers, further education and apprenticeships
 Taster lessons for all GCSE Optional subjects
 Access to site on FROG which covers all optional subjects including example work, specifications and student view
 A Pathways book explaining all the GCSEs on offer, the core subjects and the Pathways process
 A one to one interview with a member of the Leadership team to talk them through what they want to do in the future, what courses would suit them and what would help them achieve their aspirations.

The process will begin over the next term with taster and career lessons. Students will be asked to complete a poll at the end of term, to indicate what they think they would like to take. They will not be committing to anything, but this will be used to help us structure the timetable blocks.

You will receive the Pathways booklet and access to the FROG Pathways site. We will then offer a pathways evening followed by the one to one interviews.

Year 9

Students are already starting their GCSEs in English, Maths and Science in Year 9. For the first two terms of Year 9, the optional subjects will deliver skills and knowledge to help students prepare for their GCSE. However, as this is the first time round we feel it’s important that there is some flexibility for students to change their subjects. So they will be able to do this, where logistically possible, during the first term without this meaning they have missed out on GCSE work.

For the remainder of Year 9 subjects may start to deliver GCSE content. This will provide students with valuable extra time to complete the new GCSEs.

All students will have Essential learning which consists of English Literature, English Language, Maths, Triple Science and CRS. They will also continue with Core PE, but this will not be examined.

On top of this there are the additional subjects of which they will need to choose 4, plus one reserve.

The Additional subjects on offer are:
Art (Fine Art)
Business Studies
I CT Multimedia
Child Development
Modern Foreign Language
Creative Media Production
Product Design
Physical Education (Vocational and GCSE)
Food and Nutrition

NB: There may also be opportunity for students to study Textiles and Dance – yet to be confirmed. All subjects will only run if there are a sufficient amount of students opting for them


What if my child doesn’t know what they want to do?
This is often the case, regardless of age! However, we usually find that students have an idea about what they enjoy. The important thing is to reassure your child that they will have chance to revisit their choices if they change their mind and that they should just choose what they like the most.

What if my child is high ability?
The new assessment system at GCSE, combined with the increase in content will mean there should be little chance of your child completing early (or getting bored!). The extra time will enable us to ensure that all students are given enough time to reach their potential. Your child will have the opportunity to study their chosen subjects in a more in-depth way, with the extra time to allow them to explore concepts further.

What if my child has learning needs?
The extra time will help your child have the chance to complete the extra content in the new GCSEs. We will ensure that along with the guidance mentioned above they will also have support from our learning support and leadership team to help them decide which courses will best meet their needs. We also offer a blue pathway option that we will offer to appropriate students.