Bradley Stoke Community School

Our Reception Class 


In our Acorns class, we embark on an inspiring and engaging play-based curriculum offering a mix of child-initiated and adult-led learning opportunities. For much of the day, children have 'free-flow' access to our beautiful indoor and large outdoor spaces where children can be creative, investigate and explore. 

The teaching of phonics and early reading is prioritised to ensure that all children get the best possible start in their learning. 


Our learning environments are carefully designed, calm and purposeful spaces where children can explore, make friends and learn together. 




















Children learn and develop more from birth to five years old than at any other time in their lives. (Development Matters)











We use natural materials as much as possible and we teach children to look after and respect our learning  environment. 

Learning and Development

  • Some elements of Maths and English skills are taught by teachers in whole class sessions. A large amount of learning is developed through a play-based, child-led curriculum. 


  • Number Talk sessions are used to develop children’s ability to articulate their thinking and reasoning skills – children are introduced to ‘Build, Challenge, Agree’ as they move through their Reception year.


  • Phonics is taught daily through using the ‘Sounds-Write’ © programme. The class teacher monitors they are carried out regularly and if children have gaps in their learning, 1:1 interventions start straight away to give children the best possible chance of success. 


  • Teachers post photos and videos of learning on the 'Seesaw' app to keep parents informed in their children's learning journey. Parents can also upload photos of their child's achievements to share with the teacher. 


Continuous Provision - Block Play

Continuous Provision - Malleable Materials

Continuous Provision - Snack

Continuous Provision - Bike, Trike and Scooter

Continuous Provision - Sand Play

Continuous Provision - Water Play


A Unique Child

When we give every child the best start in their early years, we give them what they need today. We also set them up with every chance of success tomorrow.

(Development Matters)

The transition into Primary education can be a big step and families are supported through this process in a number of ways throughout the summer term and into their first term at school.

PSHE lessons are taught using the Jigsaw Scheme to support the development of strong relationships between children and their peers as well as helping children to develop trusting relationships with the adults who care for them in school.

Enabling Environments

“We need to think about the learning environment as a pedagogical space not simply somewhere that learning happens randomly”

Elizabeth Jarman

  • The classroom environment is carefully planned and organised to enable children to access a wide range of resources independently during their play; this is called ‘continuous provision’ – the continuous provision allows children’s learning to continue when they are working without an adult’s support.


  • The adults within the setting continually observe children’s interests and learning behaviours. They use this knowledge to add enhancements and provocations to the continuous provision; creating ‘enhanced provision’.


  • Each day, children have extended periods of time where they can follow their own agenda with free-flow – playing, exploring and learning through a carefully resourced and planned learning environment; inside and out.