Bradley Stoke Community School

 KS3 Curriculum


Throughout KS3 we aim to ensure our students meet the highest expectations by training students to develop the cognitive tools to be able to think like geographers, mathematicians, artists, scientists, and historians etc… We cover the National Curriculum across Key Stage 3.

Currently, all Y9 students study English, maths, science, religious studies, P.E and PSHE. In addition to these subjects, they study four additional subjects (at least one of which is EBacc) which were chosen at the end of Year 8. Please see the Pathways page for more information.

From experience we know that students do best when they enjoy their learning and follow their passions. Based on this we have developed our GCSE pathways process to enable students to have free choice and study the subjects that are of most interest to them. Students study at least one EBacc subject.

Although current Y9 students are in GCSE option groups, the focus of the Y9 curriculum is to act as a foundation year to explore and embed disciplinary knowledge and skills to enable them to thrive in KS4. No explicit GCSE content is taught until Easter.

After a review of our curriculum offer and to align to the Olympus curriculum guidelines in order to share best practice and assessment, we are moving to a three year model, which will be fully in place for all students by September 2024.



Time allocations per fortnight

Curriculum Information


6 hours

English Info


6 hours

Maths info


5 hours

Science info


3 hours

Geography info


3 hours

History info

Religious Studies

3 hours

CRS info

Product Design (all forms)

3 hours

PD info

Food info


3 hours

Computing info


3 hours

Art info


3 hours

Drama Info


3 hours

Music info

Physical Education

4 hours

PE info


4 hours

German info

French info

Personal, Social and Health Education

1 hour

PSHE info


2 hours

Enrichment info

Tutorial and Assembly

2 hours and 20 minutes

T and A info