Bradley Stoke Community School

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)

The sessions are age-specific and cover a range of topics ranging through Personal Safety, Sex and Relationships, Drugs Awareness, Economic Education.  The sessions are taught by Mrs Hyslop, a PSHEE specialist in selected lessons throughout the school year.


Appendix A - SRE and Parents

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Year 7- Bullying, puberty, relationships, sexual orientation, self-esteem, healthy relationships and lifestyle, mental health, smoking, personal values, bereavement and divorce.


Year 8- Sexuality, gender identity, FGM, body image and the media, ambitions, assessing risk, emergencies, relationships, IT safety and relationships, gangs and weapons, law and work.


Year 9- Metal and emotional health, self-esteem, eating disorders, self-harm, drugs and the impact of drugs, consent and healthy relationships, contraception, STIs, sex in the media, celebrating difference, money and being a consumer.


Year 10- knowing your skills set, leadership, ULAS launch, mock interviews, pensions and pay, bank accounts, credit cards, loads, relationships, sex and faith.


Year 11- year 11 will be provided with weekly PSHEE tutor sessions focusing on topics such as drugs, budgeting, sex and safety.