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Mental Health & Wellbeing


Mental Health and Wellbeing for Parents

Concerns about children and young people’s mental health are well documented and the information within this page will signpost you to organisations locally and nationally that can support you. It is also important to consider our own mental health as adults. Around one in four adults in England will have at least one common mental health condition with women more likely to experience common conditions than men. Only around a quarter of those with a common mental health condition receive treatment for their condition.



It is thought about one third of all children and young people live with a parent with mental ill-health, around 7% of which live in lone-parent households. For some, the presence of mental ill-health may have little or no impact on the day to day parenting that they receive, with the child / young person remaining safe and feeling loved and valued. For others however the impact may be more significant, meaning that the child / young person requires help and support to understand what is going on and reduce the impact on their health and development.

It can be hard to talk to about mental health but it’s important to try. Talking to a friend, a family member, your GP or come and talk to someone in school you trust.





Mental Health and Wellbeing for our students

We are a Thrive School

All Olympus secondary schools work with Thrive to support children and young people in accessing support regarding mental health and wellbeing. Students in year 9 and above have had assemblies on the Thrive App and have been encouraged to download the app to their mobile phones. Does your child have this?

Thrive Mental Wellbeing - Mental Health Services





Anna Freud is a fantastic organisation where parents can carers can find a wealth of information and guidance on mental health and wellbeing support.

They have an instant AFC Crisis messenger service, which we recommend to our students.




Mental Health and Wellbeing

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