Bradley Stoke Community School

Accessing Frog and Emails from home


Over the summer the school received a major upgrade to its learning platform Frog.  The new version has been developed using the latest in web technologies and as such requires the latest version of an internet browser in order to function effectively.

There have been a number of parents who have contacted us with regards to problems accessing Frog and students emails from within it and hopefully this article will help solve these issues.

Even though students access their emails through Frog it isn’t a part of Frog itself but a different system entirely which we embed inside Frog in order to ensure that there is a consistent route that users take in order to access their emails each time.  Because the email system uses older web technologies than Frog, issues may arise when using a particular version of a web browser (most notably Internet Explorer) whereby you can log into Frog ok but then have problems accessing the email system.

For best results we would recommend using an internet browser other than Internet Explorer. 

Below is a run through of the options available to you:

Google Chrome

For the best experience we would recommend using a web browser called Google Chrome which you can download from the following link:

Mozilla Firefox

Alternatively you can also use Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded here:

However, we have had reports of issues with Firefox running on Apple Mac computers so please avoid using Firefox in this instance and instead use Google Chrome.


Google Chrome can be downloaded for PCs and Macs.

If you are already using Firefox or Chrome we still recommend that you check you are using the latest version and if you need help there are some links to guides that will show you how to check which version you have and how to update below.

Firefox -

Chrome -


Internet Explorer

Although it is probably the most common browser on home computers it is also the most problematic when it comes to accessing Frog and Emails.

Frog only supports versions 9 and 10 and we would normally advise you to update to the latest version (10) however this causes problems with the email system as it isn’t designed for version 10 and will not display correctly.

For this reason we would advise not to use IE unless absolutely necessary and instead use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

If you do need to use Internet Explorer, version 9 will give you the best compatibility for both Frog and Emails.



Frog has been designed to work on iPads and you can log in fine through these devices however for parents the pages that show behaviour, attendance and attainment data will not display.  This unfortunately is due to the fact that those data widgets were created using a technology called ‘Flash’ which Apple has banned from working on their tablet and smartphone devices.


Hopefully this will solve issues for the majority of users however after following these steps if you are still experiencing problems with Frog or e-mails please contact the school so we can investigate further.