Bradley Stoke Community School

Accessing Frog from home - UPDATE

Users are still experiencing issues accessing the new Frog from home, most notably the Frog loading bar not loading and being stuck on that page.

We have found a temporary solution whilst Frog investigates the issue which should allow you to log in successfully.


Please follow these steps:

First, make sure you have read through the previous article we published on this website so that you are running one of the latest internet browsers.


Next, open up your browser and type into the url address bar at the top of the window



Do not use the link on the front page of the school website. (Which we will be temporarily disabling anyway!)

Once the login page loads up you should now be able to login as normal and the site should successfully connect for you.

To save time in future you can bookmark this address in your browser for future use.  For example in Chrome, there is a star icon you can press in the right hand side of the address bar which when click will add it to your favourites.

Apologies for the inconvienence this has caused and as before if you are still experiencing issue after this please let us know.