Bradley Stoke Community School

Big Bullying Award!

We were delighted to be awarded this again and would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, who continue to be involved with our anti-bullying work through student leadership roles and who make a considerable difference for many students every day. We have recently reviewed our anti-bullying policy and once approved at Governors, we will ensure this on the website. In the meantime, please contact a member of the Student Support Team if you would like any further information or advice.


Bradley Stoke Community School is committed to challenging bullying, which can occur in any school or setting.  They have a robust anti-bullying policy and an excellent peer support scheme, which involves older students helping younger students through their ABC (Anti-bullying Clinic) and a lego club for vulnerable students.  This school has various excellent strategies to reduce or prevent bullying and friendship issues and I am delighted that they have been awarded this again.


Val McFarlane, Director, Bullying Intervention Group.