Bradley Stoke Community School

Bradley Stoke Community School Post 16 Results 13th August 2015


Post 16 students and staff are celebrating positive outcomes at Bradley Stoke Community School this week, with more students than ever gaining grades to be accepted onto university courses.  Bradley Stoke has maintained its A level results on a par with previous years but has seen improved outcomes in BTEC and vocational courses in particular.  Almost all students who were seeking places on Higher Education courses gained places or are currently seeking alternatives at other institutions and a number of others have secured apprenticeships.  The average A level points score per entry was 207 and average total points score was 704.  For vocational courses the average points score per entry was 243 and average total points score was 758.  51% of all grades awarded were at A*-B grade or equivalent.  100% of students passed at A level.  72% of vocational qualification grades were either Distinction* or Distinction.

Year 12 students also did well at the halfway point in their Post 16 studies.  At AS level 49% of grades awarded were at A-C grade whilst 64% of grades obtained were Distinction* or Distinction in vocational qualifications.

There were significant individual successes at both AS and A2 level:


Harry Willis                              A*AAB

Peter Smyth                            AAAA (Extended Project)

Gemma Jones                         AADist*

Alex Sargent                           AAAB

Sophie Simmonds                  AAB

Joe Stephenson                      A*ADist*C

Matthew Portch                      AABC

Ramon Cebrian-Twist           A*BBB

Josh Machado                         A*BB

Joe Murray                             Dist*Dist*Dist*



Tom Barrett                             AAACC

Sophie Deliot                           AAAB

Victoria King                            AAAB

Chloe Lorenzi                          AABC

Holly MacDonald                    AABB

Neave Spikings                       AADist*B


Post 16 Results - Photo 1

(Names left to right): Peter Smyth, Josh Machado and Dylan Osafo

 Post 16 Results - Photo 2

(Names left to right): Catherine Lanyon, Joe Stephenson, Peter Smyth, Josh Machado and Gemma Jones

Post 16 Results - Photo 3

(Names left to right):  Joe Stephenson, Peter Smyth, Josh Machado (back row), Catherine Lanyon and Gemma (front row)

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