Bradley Stoke Community School

Bradley Stoke GCSE students are celebrating some fantastic achievements today, despite a number of years of disruption








We are delighted with the performances of our students this summer.  We have matched the national picture which has seen a reduction in overall attainment scores. Despite the slight reduction in overall attainment, this year group have shown incredible determination and hard work and on average look to have made progress above expectations; we could not be prouder of their achievements. There have been some truly spectacular individual performances which are celebrated below, but as an inclusive school, we value all of our students’ performances. Our headline figures are:

% of students achieving




Basic (% of students who achieved English and Maths grade 4 and above)




Basic (% of students who achieved English and Maths grade 5 and above)





We look forward to welcoming many of these students back to join our Sixth Form, as we have record numbers returning in September.


Headteacher, Peter Lynch, commented on this final set of results under his leadership: “We are all incredibly proud of all our students’ hard work and dedication in achieving these results. They have had a tough few years with a significant amount of disruption, but they have all come through it with some great results. I want to wish the students all the best in their future endeavours, but I know they will be successful whatever they do”.

These results are a reflection of three years’ worth of hard work. The school would like to thank the dedication of its teachers and the hard work of parents in achieving these outcomes. Our values of ‘Be the best you’ are truly reflected in these results and we know that success is achieved through hard work, and hard work has paid off!

Outstanding Subject performances



Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Hospitality and Catering, Physics, Polish and Sport BTEC

100% of students passed grades 4-9 in these subjects

Geog, Drama, Media, Music and Textiles

82% of grades were grade 4 or higher


77% of students achieved a grade 4 or higher


72% of students achieved a grade 4 or higher

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

25+% of all grades in these subjects were grade 8 or higher

Sport BTEC

32% of all grades were D*

38 students achieved at least one top grade i.e. a grade 9

All children achieve at BSCS

60% of our disadvantaged students achieved the  Basics performance measure, by passing both English and maths GCSE at a grade 4 or higher. This really shows that BSCS is a truly comprehensive school and works exceptionally hard for all students to ensure that they achieve.



We like to celebrate all achievements at Bradley Stoke Community School.  However, the following students have achieved some particularly notable individual scores:


  • Isabel Ogram and Rhea Meel achieved 8 or more grade 9s


  • The following students achieved 2 or more grade 9s each and deserve particular recognition and congratulations: Abbey Whittaker, Billy Hopes, Naomi Planter and Nico Pearce


  • Well done to the following students who have made the most progress in their learning since arriving at Bradley Stoke Community School and have exceeded their targets the most in their GCSEs: Eddie Aysford, Mack Ritson, Finn Crossman, Sharon Mahembe, Isabel Ogram, Naomi Planter, Louisa Alford, Jonathan Filho, Tai Gray-Chung, Heidi Nagy and Sophia Wright.


Dave Baker, CEO of The Olympus Academy Trust said: “I offer my congratulations to all the Bradley Stoke students who have achieved the success they deserved in their GCSEs this year.  Thank you also to all the staff who have worked so hard to support them.  It is so positive to see the consistency of performance and outcomes that the school is able to provide for its community, despite the challenges of the last 3 Covid-affected years.”    

GCSE Results 2023

Well done everyone!