Bradley Stoke Community School

Cycling Safety


As we start a new school year we would like to remind parents and students that if a student chooses to ride their bike to school, they must wear a helmet for their protection. Last year, it was noticeable that many students were arriving at the school gates without this necessary protection and I am sure that parents are as concerned about this as staff are on duty.

South Gloucestershire Council run a Bike Ability scheme to provide expert training for children in how to ride safely and we recommend that all students who ride their bike to school have participated in this training. BSCS also hold yearly Road Awareness assemblies for year 7 students through the council and we will be arranging these again this year and will notify parents of the dates once we have them confirmed.

The school has always enforced the requirement for students who ride their bike to wear a helmet through setting after school detentions for any students arriving without a cycle helmet and this will continue to be the case this year.

Safeguarding our students remains our priority and with the busy flow of traffic around the roads in the morning and after school, wearing a helmet is an absolute necessity in order to offer protection in case of any accident.