Bradley Stoke Community School

Exam Weeks 10 - 21 December 2018

The last two weeks of term this term are being nominated as Exam Weeks. Exam weeks are being introduced to help support students to improve their memory and revision techniques by practising preparing for exams across the year. There will be three Exam weeks like this over this academic year, one set at Christmas, one set at Easter and then a final set in the Summer term. We are anticipating that by getting students to make revision resources throughout the year and practising exam technique more often, the larger Summer exams weeks won’t be so stressful or daunting.

Students will be offered support on how to revise and will be directed towards revision resources in lesson;
particularly those on Students will also be given the exam topics to revise for these tests in lessons and all of these can be found on the revision website from this Friday 30th November. Students have been asked to collate all these on one form called ‘Exam Week topics’, this form should be completed over the next week in lessons.

We recommend that students in Year 7-10 spend roughly 5-7 hours revising every week between now and
the exams, and they should break these hours in to 20-30mins manageable chunks. They should use the
revision techniques taught to them in lessons; revision/cue cards, practicing past paper questions and selfquizzing.

Students can use the online tools available to them if they like e.g. mathswatch, Educake and
SENECA, however students need to practice writing the answers to past questions as well. You can support your son/daughter with their revision by testing them on topics they have covered, or by helping them to write a timetable to manage their time.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch with your son/daughter’s Raising
Standards Leader.