Bradley Stoke Community School

Fantastic A Level Results achieved!


Bradley Stoke Post 16 students celebrate another year of excellent results and secure places at top universities and degree apprenticeships. 

Once again, Bradley Stoke Community School is incredibly proud of the outstanding achievements of our Post 16 students in their A level and vocational qualifications this summer. The results are particularly impressive because these students missed the opportunity to sit their GCSE exams in 2021, so this examination series was, for many, the first they had sat. 

20% of all grades achieved were A*-A, and 42% were A*-B. These results are similar to those achieved in 2019, the last time there was a similar exam series. The average grade per entry remained at a B grade this year. As always, students leave us to go on to fantastic opportunities at top Russell Group universities, degree apprenticeships, and one student has even secured a full athletic scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh.

A level results 2023

Well done everyone!


Headteacher, Peter Lynch, expressed his pride in the students’ achievement: ‘Our students worked incredibly hard and showed resilience and commitment to achieve these results. I would also like to extend my thanks to our dedicated staff, who always set high standards and have supported our young people to help them fulfil their potential. We wish everyone receiving their results today every success with whatever they choose to do next.’  

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Post 16, Sadie McCombe, was delighted with the results: ‘These are fantastic results for our students and have come as a direct result of the relentless commitment and effort that the students and staff have put in over the past two years. I am so pleased that their efforts have been recognised and wish them the best for the future.’  

Some particularly notable individual attainment and progress successes include:

  • James Williams achieved 2A*s (Maths and Further Maths), 1A (Physics), and 1B (Business Studies) and will be studying Mathematics at The University of Warwick in the autumn. 
  • Micah Ferguson who achieved 2A* (Maths and Physics) and 1A (Product Design) and will be studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield in the autumn. 
  • Amanda Dix achieved 1A* (Sociology) and 2As (Psychology and Criminology) and will be studying Psychology with a Professional Placement at the University of Exeter in the autumn. 
  • Lucy Rudrum who achieved 1A* (Psychology) and 2As (Biology and Chemistry) and will be studying Psychology at the University of Birmingham in the autumn.
  • Robson Palmer achieved 1A* (Maths) and 2As (Computer Science, Photography) and will be taking a Gap Year next year.
  • Akshita Jain achieved 3As (Business Studies, Economics and Geography) and 1B (Maths) and will be studying Law at The University of Birmingham in the autumn.
  • Jack Warriner 1A* (Maths), A (Further Maths), 2Bs (Computing, Physics) and will be studying Computer Science at Cardiff University in the autumn.
  • Charlotte Inman achieved 3As (Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology) and will be studying Law at the University of Birmingham in the autumn.
  • Honey Tremlin achieved 3As (English Literature, Psychology, and Sociology) and will be studying English Literature at the University of Bristol in the autumn. 

Dave Baker, Olympus Academy Trust CEO, said: “I offer my congratulations to each and every student for these great results, achieved against the backdrop of a global pandemic over the last 3 years.  I would also like to thank and pay tribute to our dedicated staff who have supported students through their studies and who are now focused on ensuring that all students have next steps in place after these results.”