Bradley Stoke Community School


Making new friends can feel daunting, particularly if you have just ended a very negative friendship or it was a friendship that you had been in for a long time.

It can feel scary to start all over again and you might feel unsure or nervous – this is natural.  Start by reminding yourself of what makes you a good friend.

Be open to new people – smile and be friendly. Join a new club or enrichment and get to know the people by listening and being interested in them. Be positive and kind.

Don’t have set expectations about new friends. They may turn out to be best friends, casual friends or part of a wider friendship group. Relax and see what fits best for both of you.

Don’t rush things – friendships can develop quickly or more slowly. Just be yourself and you will find the right friend for you!


  • Join a club or after school activity to meet new people.
  • Be yourself and you’ll make friends with people like yourself.
  • Smile and be approachable.
  • Make an effort to speak to people even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t rush this: the most genuine friends come gradually as you get to know each other.