Bradley Stoke Community School



Deki visit to BSCS - 19 April 2013

The CEO of microloan charity DEKI, Vashti Seth, came in to BSCS Friday 19 April to deliver an assembly to the whole of Year 7 to thank students for their outstanding contribution to the charity so far this year. She has been so impressed with the students' creativity for raising money, their sense of responsibility and their enthusiastic attitude that she wanted to meet the young people. After the assembly, she worked with a group of Year 7 students who have worked above and beyond in terms of raising money and awareness for the charity. She led several workshops that highlighted how brilliant microloans can be in helping people to support themselves. The students also had a chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills by completing business plans that they will carry out during the 'November DEKI Tenner Tournament'. Once again our students proved themselves to be excellent ambassadors of BSCS - working with resilience, imagination and empathy. They impressed not only staff here, but the charity workers and the film crew from UWE. A huge well done to all involved. More information on this event can be found on the DEKI website