Bradley Stoke Community School



Primary - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have really enjoyed our ￿Goldilocks and the Three Bears￿ topic this half term. We made porridge just like the three bears had and we tried it with different toppings ￿ sugar, honey and jam. We talked about what each one tasted like and which one we liked the best. We also planned how we would make a new chair for baby bear and then made one for him in groups in our Forest School session. Goldilocks visited our classroom and made a mess in it and then stole our bears, we had to go into the woods to find them and then think of different ways we could rescue them as Goldilocks had left them in the trees. When we rescued the bears we listened to what they said and then wrote and drew where they had been and all the questions we wanted to ask Goldilocks. We have been keeping a look out for Goldilocks ever since!