Bradley Stoke Community School



South Gloucestershire Achievement Awards 2014

It was a privilege to attend the South Gloucestershire Achievement Awards at BAWA last Thursday evening. Students and former-students from BSCS were recognised for their outstanding achievements and received awards and certificates, presented by the inspirational speaker, Tom Robson, Director of TREDU. Congratulations and well done for all your hard work! Highest attainment at KS3 based on Y9 Teacher Assessments: James King and Natasha Okoye Most progress from KS2 (Year 6) to KS3 (Y9): Samuel Watts and Abbie Roberts Highest attainment at KS4 - GCSE or equivalent: Hugh Raynor and Joanna Field Most progress between KS3 and KS4 - GCSE or equivalent: Alexander Sargent and Chloe Price Highest Attainment in Post 16 qualifications: Uttam Sharma and Charlotte Murray Most progress between KS4 and Post 16 qualifications: Joseph Robson and Elizabeth Tasker