Bradley Stoke Community School

Nek Nominations

Warning to Parents/Carers – Nek Nominations

In the past week there have been many reports in the press about Nek Nominations. People are encouraged to film themselves drinking concoctions of alcohol and other substances and post it on a social networking site such as Facebook. They then nominate others to do the same. When young people are nominated, there is then strong social pressure on them to drink such mixtures and then to nominate others.

There have been reports and footage which show some people then going on to drink other harmful substances or putting themselves in risky situations while under the influence of alcohol. Several deaths have been reported as a result of these actions.

Last week, we were aware of considerable discussion amongst students in Years 8-11 about this practice. We know that some of our students have posted themselves doing a “Nek Nomination” and a worrying number of students say that they have been nominated. Some are feeling considerable peer pressure to get involved.

We ask that parents are vigilant about their children’s use of the internet which is where these nominations are made. Please discuss with your children the dangers of getting involved. We have discussed this with students.