Bradley Stoke Community School

Olympus Academy Trust 2023 Admission


The Olympus Academy Trust is consulting on its 2023 admissions arrangements. Full draft arrangements can be found at


The main changes are as follows:

  1. Stoke Lodge Primary School is proposing to reduce its Published Admission Number for Reception from 60 to 30, based on falling numbers over the last few years.


  1. The inclusion of a Year 10 intake at Abbeywood Community School, with a Published Admission Number of 60, for students who wish to follow a STEM course of study. Proposed over-subscription criteria will be:
  2. Looked After or Previously Looked After Children
  3. All other applicants, with those living closest to the school ranked highest


  1. Lyde Green Community School proposes to create an Area of Prime Responsibility, following the boundaries of the Lyde Green housing area.


  1. The academic entry criteria to Olympus Post 16 will be raised from a Grade 4 to a Grade 5 average at GCSE.


Any feedback can be sent to and will be considered by Trustees before the final arrangements are determined. The consultation will end on the 31st January 2022.