Bradley Stoke Community School

PE Update

We are in our ‘multi-sport term’ in PE and have been effected by the Year 11 mock exams and some very bad weather of late, but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind students of the PE kit requirements for this term where the 2 hour PE lessons are split into three sessions:


  • Gymnastics – in the dance studio. Students will need to have ‘airhop’ socks (or similar non slip socks) or go bare foot for gymnastics (35 minutes)
  • Racketlon – in the sports hall and on the playground courts. Students will play and learn to score cumulatively in table tennis, badminton and short tennis (35 minutes)
  • Invasion Games – on the astro turf. Students will learn and play lacrosse, hockey and handball (35 minutes)


Occasionally we will have to use Savages Wood where we will do ‘manhunt and orienteering’. Please be prepared to get muddy if this is the case!