Bradley Stoke Community School

Pokemon Go

 Many of our students would have recently downloaded this new app and have begun playing Pokemon Go. The articles below are important for both parents and students to read as they highlight some of the potential risks. For any parents who aren’t’ quite up to speed with this new game, we strongly suggest you read the articles so that you can discuss potential risks with your child.

 The articles highlight the following:

 The game is about meeting people in the real world face to face and bring people together. These are usually strangers and so this is a key concern

 Physical risks have been associated with the game and we urge students to be careful when they are out and about. There are already stories about people being lured into places that aren’t safe for a child

This game will ask you to spend additional money on in-app purchase and can be very costly


The game asks you for your date of birth and email address to register. Parents can contact the creators and stop them from using this personal information.