Bradley Stoke Community School

Support for Vulnerable Families over Half Term



Support for Vulnerable families over the half-term

We are pleased to be able to share two offers that are in place for our vulnerable families over the Autumn October Half-Term holiday.  We know that you will hopefully be taking a well-deserved break this week, but if you can do anything to support the messaging about our Council offer we would really appreciate it. In essence we are wanting to make provision for those that most need it. 


Emergency Assistance Grant Offer

Our Primary offer to support our most vulnerable families during this half-term holiday is through our Emergency Assistance Grant funding to ensure that families in need have access to food.


Our Emergency Assistance Grant funding is available. Families eligible for free school meals can apply for a payment card by visiting our One Stop Shops, contacting their local Citizens Advice Bureau or calling the Council on 01454 868009, and successful applicants will receive a card within 48 hours with sufficient funds (£20) for meals for a week for their children that can be used in all main supermarkets and other retail outlets.  We encourage you to publicise this offer so that parents/carers are able to access this; for most families, we would suggest this will be a really good option. 


Food Parcel Offer

In addition, on Thursday and Friday of this week, we have organised across the Council area, food parcel collection points for parents and/carers that as is an alternative to the above and for where a voucher may not be their preferred option.  All parents/carers will need to do, is turn up at the collection point and they will be given a food parcel containing various products.  We are wanting to make this as easy as possible and to ensure that people feel comfortable in collecting.  Integra have worked tirelessly in conjunction with ELS and our Transport department with support from Local schools to get an offer in place.  All collection points across South Gloucestershire will be open from 11am-1pm on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October.  The food parcels contain dried goods only and non-perishables. 


We must once again thank Heads and CEOs for their support of the Council in putting in place this offer. 


The collection points are listed below and we encourage you to highlight where you nearest collection point is to your parent/carer body as appropriate.  If parents and carers, go to the front entrance, they will be directed the collection point as appropriate, this will be the Drama Hall at KOA and we may update other locations on the premises in due course.  We have tried to cover the whole geography of South Gloucestershire so that we meet the needs of as many families as possible, so please see a list of schools. 

The Castle School

Yate Academy

Winterbourne Academy

Patchway Community School

Bradley Stoke Community School

Mangotsfield School

Sir Bernard Lovell School

Longwell Green Primary

Hanham Woods Academy

Beacon Rise Primary

Kings Oak Academy (Drama Hall which can be accessed by car and foot half way down Brook Road on the right hand side) 


As a Council we will also be publicising these locations and the offer that is available, but if you are able to make your own parents/carers aware by either text, email of website messaging, then anything we can do to raise awareness of this offer will be greatly appreciated.  We would expect some will prefer the Emergency Assistance Grant offer and others may prefer the more immediate collection.