Bradley Stoke Community School

Term 1 arrangements

Arrangements for the Start of Term 1 and Asymptomatic Testing Programme


Within the new guidance for schools issued by the Department for Education on Tuesday, there is an expectation that all students have two lateral flow tests, 3-5 days apart, before they are fully back in school. This will require a similar approach to the testing we did in school before students returned in March as part of the return into school from lockdown 2 so we are confident that students know the process and we have the structures and trained staff to complete the testing quickly and efficiently. That said, the only logistical way we can do this is to stagger the start of term to ensure that all students have had their tests and to avoid too much disruption at the beginning of the year.


Our plan is as follows:


Wednesday 1st September   - INSET Day 1 and training and setting up for testing – school closed to all children and students

Thursday 2nd September      - Test 1 for all students – all students come into school to be tested (details of timings to follow)


Friday 3rd September            - INSET Day 2 – school closed for all students


Monday 6th September         - Year 7 Test 2 at start of day and then they remain in school for their induction day. Test 2 for all other students


Tuesday 7th September        - All students in school at normal time. Tutor time period 1 and then normal lessons start period 2 for 7-11 students


Wednesday 8th September - Year 12 and 13 lessons begin


Please note these arrangements are for secondary phase students only as primary aged children do not have to be tested. Primary phase children will continue with INSET days on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd September and then normal attendance arrangements for all Years in the Primary Phase on Friday 3rd September.


Therefore, this means that we need all secondary phase students available for testing on Thursday 2nd September and Monday 6th September.