Bradley Stoke Community School

Things I Wished I'd Known

Current year 7s share their tips and advice and reflect on their first year at BSCS

Tips for new year 7s:

  • The best way to keep your locker key is to have it in your pocket and when you have your locker number write it on a piece of paper.
  • At lunch if you're not sure what to do with getting dinner, then you can ask either a teacher/dinner staff or someone near you that already knows.  Also if you can't find anybody go to the student window.
  • If you ever get lost, ask a member of staff or go to the student window and they will point you in the right direction.
  • If you ever feel unhappy or sad, speak to your tutor or someone in the Head of Year Team and they will help you.
  • If you ever get hurt or injured, go to the medical room near the entrance at the student window.



So you are one of the lucky ones who was able to get a place at BSCS, amazing news!

You might be feeling a bit anxious about coming but you have nothing to worry about - BSCS is great!

You will probably miss your primary school at first but then you will make lots of new friends and find out how good secondary school is! You have a lot more freedom to make your own choices.

You have probably heard rumours about getting loads of homework, it isn’t that bad and you get to do it on an Ipad or computer which is great!

 I can guarantee that you will like Enrichment, there are lots of options and you get to choose. There is a range of different sports that you can try.

One of the best things apart from the teachers (obviously!!) is the dining hall.  You can buy pizza and jelly for lunch - amazing!! Make sure you remind your parents to top up your Arbor account because mine always forget!!

Enjoy the summer and we will see you in September.




 Lucky you!!!  You have made it into BSCS!!!

Although you may have some worries such as homework or just your school work, there is nothing to worry about.

BSCS is very supportive and, although there may be a bit more homework, it is fun because you get to do it on a laptop or ipad most of the time.

 Also the food at BSCS is great (especially the pizza!). They have different food for every day of the week.

 You also have enrichment which is a club you have to go to after school hours and you can pick things like football, basketball, product design, art and loads more!