Bradley Stoke Community School


Twitter at Bradley Stoke Community School


We are pleased to have a growing following on Twitter and currently have over 1400 followers.

If you are new to Twitter, or are thinking of following us, we hope that you find the following information useful:

Twitter is an instant information and communication network. It connects people to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what they find interesting. At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information or messages called Tweets. People on twitter can also follow you, so that your tweets appear in their timelines. Retweeting is to forward a tweet from someone that you follow to the people who follow you. Hashtags are user generated text labels included in a tweet to help others follow a common discussion or theme. You can also mention other usernames in tweets by preceding the name with @.

How do we use it?

We use Twitter to share with you the news, learning experiences and events that are happening in school on a regular basis as we want you to know as much as possible about what is going on. This may be from the Secondary account, which is @bradleystokecs, the Primary account, which is @BSCSprimary and the Post 16 account , which is @BSCSPost16. Sometimes news will come directly from subject Twitter accounts. You can follow the main accounts and the subjects you would like to follow.

Commenting and retweeting

We always welcome your comments on our Twitter pages but we will remove any that do not adhere to our simple guidelines below.

Following us

We will be delighted if you choose to follow us on Twitter to receive updates on the latest school news and events

We may follow people or organisations that provide information we are interested in, or to help support the school, as well as people we are connected with.

We may also need to follow an account in order to take part in conversations. By following or ‘liking’ a post or an individual or organisation in these circumstances, this does not mean that we endorse them, their activities or the views they express.


Monitoring and moderation

We monitor all activity on our Twitter account.

We want you to have your say and we do not censor comments, even if they are critical of the school.

However, we reserve the right to block anyone from posting on any of our school accounts who make abusive, disruptive or offensive comments. Any content that does not meet our simple guidelines will be removed without reference to the poster.

The rules are simple –comments on our Twitter page should

  • be civil, tasteful and relevant
  • not be unlawful, harassing, libellous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, or sexually or racially offensive
  • not include content for which the poster does not own the copyright
  • not repeat the same message, or very similar messages, more than once (often referred to as spamming)
  • not publicise any personal information, either the poster’s own or somebody else’s
  • not advertise products or services
  • not promote political parties