Bradley Stoke Community School

Update from Sirona about Covid/Flu vaccinations

Message from the local COVID-19 Vaccination Programme:

We are planning Community Clinics for children aged 12-15 in locations across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. This will be the route for children to have their COVID-19 and flu vaccine if they were not vaccinated at their school clinic for any reason. We will provide information about these Clinics and a booking link through your child’s school, shortly. Please do not contact Sirona.


We appreciate that some parents/carers are keen for their children to be vaccinated as soon as possible and are working in partnership with your child’s school and the local authority to achieve best outcome for all children in our area. Please be assured that your child will not be forgotten.


Thank you for your ongoing co-operation and patience.


3 Station Road

School Immunisation Team



BS20 0AB

28th September 2021


Information regarding the COVID and Flu Immunisation programme


Please be advised that the e-consent process for the COVID and Flu vaccinations will close at midnight two days prior to the first day of immunisations at your school. Parents will not be able to consent for the vaccinations to take place at the school session after this point.


In order to maximise the uptake of the vaccines we will be offering community clinics for students who have missed their vaccination in school for any reason i.e. not having returned consent forms, if parents have not completed their e-consent forms, or if students were absent on the day of the session. Schools will be sent information to send to parents regarding how to book these additional clinics.


As discussed previously, parents will be receiving consent forms for each vaccine individually and will be able to express their wishes for either, or both. We will only be vaccinating young people with parental consent in your school.


Please only give the paper forms out if parents are unable to access the internet, the paper forms will delay the sessions as they will need to be triaged on the day of the session.


We will send you, the afternoon prior to the first session, a list of students who have consented to the vaccinations and need to be brought to the vaccination room in order to enable you to schedule the session and to try and reduce disruption to the school as far as possible. In some cases we may need the remaining students to be brought to the session in order to attempt to contact parents to gain verbal consent.


We appreciate your support and flexibility with the running of this programme.


In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact the School Immunisation Team on 01275 373104 or email


Yours faithfully,



Karen Evans

Head of Specialist Services for Children