Bradley Stoke Community School

Welcome Wally


School Dog

We are pleased to let you know that we are introducing a school dog to Bradley Stoke Community School. Many studies have shown that a school dog can have a very positive effect on students and there are many examples of how a dog can support a school community, including: helping to reduce anxiety; encouraging students to attend school; helping students to cope with examination stress; helping to foster a sense of responsibility; improving reading confidence by having students read to them and generally bringing a warmth to the school which makes the place feel happier.


The links at the bottom of this email are reports about other local schools, colleges and universities which have benefited from the introduction of a dog to their communities. We understand that there might be a few students who are worried or anxious about being near dogs or who have allergies to dogs. No students will need to have close or direct contact with the dog unless they wish to, however it would be extremely helpful if you could speak to or make contact with me ( raising any concerns.


We have carried out a full risk assessment and will ensure that all staff and students are briefed fully before the dog starts to be introduced to students. We anticipate that this will be in early November. The dog that we have chosen is a Cocker Spaniel whose name is Wally; he is a puppy. There will be absolutely no cost incurred by the school in relation to having the dog. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the new member to our school’s community and will keep you updated over the next few months.


Tom Hill                                               Susie Beresford Wylie

Assistant Headteacher                    Director of Student Support


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