Bradley Stoke Community School

Y12 Meningitis B Reserch Project

We are asking you to join our research project to understand whether immunising teenagers with vaccines against ‘Meningitis B’ could protect them and the rest of the community against these potentially deadly bacteria.

This is a national study involving 24 000 year 12/S5 students (or equivalent) across the United Kingdom. Teenagers at your school/college are being asked to take part by local researchers at Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre. Please note that the Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre has not been given your name or contact details. Taking part in this study is voluntary and if you do not want to participate you do not have to reply to this invitation or attend our information session at your school/college.


See more here....  Participant Information Sheet and Parent Letter


The first swabs and vaccinations will take place on Thursday 7 March for any Year 12 students who are interested in PF9.

 Would any Y12 students like to attend the Be on the TEAM Ambassadors’ event on 27th February? As already explained, this is an info session for study ambassadors to provide them with information on the scientific background to the study and enable them to enthuse their peers about taking part. This opportunity to learn about research and how it is conducted could be particularly beneficial to students considering studying medicine or science at University .


  • When: Wednesday, 27th February from 6.30pm until ~8pm (doors open 6pm).
  • Where: Education & Research Centre, Upper Maudlin St (big yellow building opposite Children’s Hospital/BRI)
  • What: Research team members will present information on why we are running this study – what is known so far about meningococcal carriage in teenagers and what questions we are trying to answer through this study; there will be an update on how the study is going, as well as a brainstorming session on how to maximise recruitment and subsequent retention of students in the study.
  • Who: study ambassadors from schools/year groups participating in the study