Bradley Stoke Community School

Year 11 (now Y12!) boys Charity Cycle Ride

Myself, Alessandro and Ryan (two friends) left for Lands End to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Alex dropped out after about 40 miles because it was too challenging. Ryan and I, cycled the full way and made it to Lands End. We stayed in Youth Hostels as we travelled. In total, we cycled just over 300 miles and we carried all of our gear and cycled through some truly awful weather.


Quote from Scott: ‘This was certainly one of the most challenging things I have ever done. When you are cycling for a full day, it really does affect you both physically and mentally. When obstacles like weather, terrain and a puncture came our way, it really was testing. It was the cause of the cycle and the ultimate goal that got me through and when we made it to Lands End, it was all worth it as it felt great to have had a positive impact and knowing that we have done this to help other people.’


Quote from Ryan: 'The journey was undoubtedly a tough one. For two 16 year olds it was a physical and logistical challenge. But moreso an adventure. A voyage into parts of the country unbeknown to us. We had little clue as to what lay ahead of us, in terms of terrain and in beauty. Even after 120 miles cycling, broken only by two and a half hours sleep, the cornish landscape refused to look any less stunning. A tremendous test and a truly remarkable trip to say that least.’

 Here is the link to a YouTube Video of the adventure:

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Scott Warburton

Year 12