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What is Forest School?

 Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

Forest School is a specialised learning approach that sits within and compliments the wider context of outdoor and woodland education.




25 February 2016 - The Early Years team have been very busy the last couple of days transforming our new forest school area. We walked across to visit them and were amazed by how fantastic it looked! So far they had created a den area, a mud kitchen, a shelter area and secret paths. We were very excited to see how different it looked and can’t wait until it has finished so we can use it on a weekly basis.


Benefits of Forest School


  • Provides real life experiences
  • A relaxed environment
  • Focuses on teamwork
  • Provides more freedom, physically and mentally
  • Encourages creativity
  • Increases confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves language and communication skills
  • Encourages/improves social skills
  • Encourages curiosity and imagination
  • Provides an increased awareness/self-belief
  • An opportunity to learn about risk and how to deal with it
  • Improves physical agility and coordination
  • Encourages problem solving and critical thinking
  • Provides exciting new challenges/activities/opportunities
  • Encourages/improves resistance and perseverance
  • Encourages an awareness of the local environment/community/wildlife



“Natural places are singularly engaging, stimulating, life-enhancing environments where children can reach new depths of understanding about themselves, their abilities and their relationship with the world.”

                       (Tim Gill)