Bradley Stoke Community School


We are an inclusive school and welcome and support children who are neuro-diverse. 

Children on our SEND register have a pupil passport which highlights how staff can best support them in class. Personalised learning plans are also written which outlines any additional support or interventions they will receive. 

In addition to the two parents' evenings for all pupils, parents of pupils with SEND have an extra parents meeting in Term 1 with the class teacher. 


If you have any questions or concerns about your child and their needs, please email Tracey Crooks, our SENDco: 


Mental Health Support 

At BSCS, we understand that children's mental health is just as important as their physical health. We have created a Pyramid of Support so that teachers, children and parents know the different resources we have available in the Primary Phase. 




Advice from our School Nurse 

Sophie Batten is our school nurse who visits us regularly to provide support for children and parents. Here are some resources she shared at an anxiety workshop: 





5 successfullymanaginganxietyinformationforadultandcarers 611.pdf


9 calm down with take 5 breathing.pdf


11 relaxation mind.pdf


17 cbt for kids thoughts feelings actions.pdf


book list for managing anxiety updated 090518.pdf


seperation anxiety.pdf