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Secondary Uniform, Essential Equipment and General Information

In response to feedback from parents about our school uniform, we are now able to confirm our uniform arrangements to start in September 2023. In order to provide some choice and to keep costs as low as possible, Monkhouse will continue to be our main supplier, but parents will now also be able to purchase alternatives, for some parts of the uniform, in other local stores and sew our embroidered logo onto them. Due to the unique colour of our polo shirts, sweatshirts and sports tops, it is currently not possible to purchase these items anywhere except at Monkhouse.

We have made the decision that from September 2024, we will adopt one colour of polo shirt, which is the dark teal in colour.  Previously, this has been a KS4 uniform colour; however, we have made the decision to reduce the cost of items by having one colour for all students to wear.  However, we will allow students to wear preloved or second hand light Teal (Cirrus) coloured photo shirts for the 2023/2024 academic year, whilst it is being phased out. 

School uniform can be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists either in their shop in Stoke Gifford or online: 

Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists
Unit 1 Simmonds View
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8HR 

Tel: 0117 962 0011



More details here.

Uniform polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, PE kit and also suitable trousers and skirts can all be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists, Stoke Gifford.  Please visit their website 


Uniform Policy

Uniform Update 2023

Uniform Policy

Non Uniform Day, School Trips and Session 16 Guidance


Assistance with Purchase of School Uniform

See further information regarding our Hardship Support.

Non Uniform Day, School Trips and Session 16 Guidance 


General equipment to be brought to every lesson

Pencils                                            Pencil Sharpener
Biro or cartridge pen                   Ruler
Protractor                                      Compasses
Eraser                                             Coloured pencils (not felt pens)
Scientific Calculator (Sharp EL531 recommended)  


Essential Equipment to be brought to every lesson for the following subjects

Coloured pencils (12) – also for Design Technology – not felt pens
2B and HB pencil
Glue stick and scissors (independent learning)

PE (will change depending on the sport being taught)
Gum shield
Shin pads
Football boots (boys only)

Product Design
Coloured pencils – as for Art
Named ‘Tupperware’ box for transferring foodstuffs
Clutch pencil (propelling) 0.5 HB 

French/German (depending which language students are learning)
French/German Dictionary (for independent learning)

Thesaurus (for independent learning)


General Information

Parents/carers were invited into school for a Meet the Tutor Evening on 12th October 2023 and we provided information, particularly for new Year 7 parents/carers, that included details of the software packages used in different subject areas.  Click here.