Bradley Stoke Community School

Secondary Uniform, Essential Equipment and General Information


Monkhouse is the main supplier for BSCS uniform, but parents are able to purchase alternatives, for some parts of the uniform, in other local stores. Due to the unique colour of our polo shirts, sweatshirts and sports tops, it is currently not possible to purchase these items anywhere except at Monkhouse.

In alignment with Department of Education guidance, and to make uniform purchasing more affordable for all families, there will be an extension to the use of the cirrus (pale) blue coloured polo shirts as part of our school uniform.  These can be purchased via Arbor Shop, rather than through Monkhouse.  The extension aims to provide students with more options while maintaining the school's identity and standards.

School uniform can be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists either in their shop in Stoke Gifford or online: 

Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists
Unit 1 Simmonds View
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8HR 

Tel: 0117 962 0011

More details here.

Uniform polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, PE kit and also suitable trousers and skirts can all be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists, Stoke Gifford.  Please visit their website 



The Secondary Phase Uniform is detailed below:

General and not optional:

  • BSCS approved black trousers*, purchased through the Monkhouse uniform shop with the logo on, or alternative black trousers in line with the uniform guidance document. Trousers not purchased through Monkhouse must comply with the acceptable trouser guidance. These trousers must not be altered from their original style e.g. having the legs narrowed. Trousers must also be bought in a size which ensures they remain tailored in look. The BSCS range is available in a full range of waist and leg sizes. Leg length can be altered, if required. Leggings of any kind are NOT allowed; or:
  • BSCS skirt with BSCS logo* or black pleated skirt in line with the uniform guidance document. Skirts must be worn with the polo shirt tucked in and must not be altered in length by rolling it up to appear shorter or through altering the garment form from its original shape. Skirts must be bought and worn at an appropriate length close to the knee; or:
  • BSCS approved unisex Bermuda shorts with the BSCS logo* on from Monkhouse, or plain black shorts in line with the uniform guidance document. Shorts can be worn all year round and must not be rolled up on the waist or leg or altered in any way from their original style. Cycling/tight-fitting/lycra shorts are not allowed. 
  • Polo shirt with BSCS logo*. From September 2024, the school will adopt one colour of polo shirt, which is the dark teal in colour to reduce the costs of items by having a single coloured uniform. To support families financially, the pale ‘cirrus’ coloured polo shirts will also be permitted until the stock held by the school. 
  • Teal sweatshirt with BSCS logo*

 *available from Monkhouse Schoolwear



  • Flat black footwear – no sandals, mules, sling‐backs, knee length boots, canvas boots. No logo should be visible on any footwear. Shoes with any form of decoration or different coloured heel or sole will not be allowed.
  • Black trainers are suitable but must have a flat sole and no visible logo, patterns or variations in colour at all.
  • Black socks or black tights must be worn (knee-high socks can be worn with the BSCS skirt).  Please note that white socks worn over black tights are not part of the uniform.


Hair, Make up and Jewellery:

  • Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back at all times and should be natural in colour, with no shaved patterns or dye.
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum, i.e. watch, one simple plain earring stud per ear. Ear piercings must be in the normal piercing position on the lobe and are not acceptable in any other place on the ear, e.g. the upper ear.
  • Rings and bracelets are not allowed (unless for religious reasons).
  • No facial piercings are allowed to be worn in school - covered or uncovered.
  • Religious headwear may be worn in black or teal only.
  • A little modest makeup may be worn by learners in Years 9 to 11 (e.g. mascara and foundation). No nail varnish, false nails, false eyelashes or extensions are allowed.


Secondary Phase PE:

  • Unisex polo with BSCS logo*, available from Monkhouse.
  • Plain black shorts (no stripes but can have small logo). Cycling/tight-fitting/lycra shorts are not allowed.
  • Plain black football socks or white ankle socks.
  • Navy/sky rugby shirt with BSCS logo*, available from Monkhouse.
  • Optional: Tracksuit bottoms (no stripes but can have small logo).
  • Optional: Black sweatshirt with BSCS logo* available from Monkhouse.
  • Optional: Sports leggings plain black (no stripes but can have small logo). Please note that these must be sports legging.

*available from Monkhouse Schoolwear



A smart coat or jacket may be worn to and from school. Coats and jackets made of leather or denim are not acceptable when on school site or representing the school. Any logo must not be excessive.  Please see our Uniform Guidance document for appropriate styles of non-branded uniform that can be purchased. 

Hats and scarves may also be worn but extreme styles will not be permitted.

Outdoor clothes are not to be worn inside the school building.  Learners must leave coats, jackets, hats, scarves and gloves in lockers at the start of the school day.  They may be retrieved from lockers for the mid-morning and lunchtime break.           

Hoodies or any kind are not permitted to be worn by learners apart from those awarded to:

  • Tutor captains
  • Peer mentors


Items not considered to be part of the school uniform:

  • False eyelashes/eyelash extensions
  • Nail varnish
  • False nails (these are considered by the school to be a health and safety risk)
  • Heavily applied fake eyebrows
  • Excessive fake tan

Piercings in the nose, chin, lip, upper ear, eyebrow or any other visible area aside from that permitted in the general uniform description are not allowed in school. Learners are also not permitted to tape these over; they are to be removed during school hours without exception.

If a learner is seen to be wearing a piercing, they will be asked to remove it and it will be confiscated and returned to them at the end of that school term. They will be issued with a detention as detailed below.

If a learner refuses to remove the piercing, they will be required to work in the school’s reset room until the piercing is removed as this is a failure to follow staff instructions in addition to not following the uniform policy. The same will be the case for any other failure to make changes to uniform presentation at a staff member’s request, such as, refusal to remove false eyelashes, jewellery, nail varnish or to remove make-up.


Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

Non Uniform Day, School Trips and Session 16 Guidance


Assistance with Purchase of School Uniform

See further information regarding our Hardship Support.


General equipment to be brought to every lesson

Pencils                                            Pencil Sharpener
Biro or cartridge pen                   Ruler
Protractor                                      Compasses
Eraser                                             Coloured pencils (not felt pens)
Scientific Calculator (Sharp EL-W531TL Writeview recommended)  


Essential Equipment to be brought to every lesson for the following subjects

Coloured pencils (12) – also for Design Technology – not felt pens
2B and HB pencil
Glue stick and scissors (independent learning)

PE (will change depending on the sport being taught)
Gum shield
Shin pads
Football boots (boys only)

Product Design
Coloured pencils – as for Art
Named ‘Tupperware’ box for transferring foodstuffs
Clutch pencil (propelling) 0.5 HB 

French/German (depending which language students are learning)
French/German Dictionary (for independent learning)

Thesaurus (for independent learning)


General Information

Parents/carers will be invited into school for a Meet the Tutor Evening in October 2024 and we provided information, particularly for new Year 7 parents/carers, that included details of the software packages used in different subject areas.  Please see here information from the October 2023 event.